I Never Finished…Germinator…Because


After Batman: Arkham City, which you can read about why I never finished it here, I was kind of pissed at my “friend.” And I have this thing where when I really know people I have no filter, so I kind of bitched her out about how I always felt suckered into playing games that she wanted to play or wanted me to play and I was just done. Needing some time to cool down because I thought it would help our friendship, I turned to my PS Vita and a free PS+ game that I had picked up. Unfortunately, I didn’t play it for that long and never finished it.

Germinator is kind of a match three type of game, but different. It’s different because it’s not really done like match three game and the basis of the game is that there’s this contagion outbreak and it’s up to you, the Germinator (Get it? A take on the Terminator? Don’t worry, I didn’t either until I was writing this.) to put a stop to it. You’ll do so by shooting different colored germs at the same matching colors on the board while the board rises up towards you. There are over two hundred levels for this game and a bunch of different modes to play on which should mean hours upon hours of fun right?

Wrong. The only reason I can think of for not finishing this game is that I was not having fun. I love nothing more than mindless games where I can just sit there and stare at the screen and not have a care in the world, but it just wasn’t happening with this game. Plus, the game really wasn’t that good either. If you play a game that’s not fun, then it’s not a good game. What’s the whole point then? Games are supposed to be fun. This game simply wasn’t and while I lasted a little while playing this game I eventually gave up and moved onto something else.

As you can see from the picture above I was able to get 1 out of the 12 trophies this game has to offer. It was a pretty decent trophy to get which was to beat one of the levels in under 30 seconds. It’s probably the one time in gaming that I felt like a badass. Who beats a level in under 30 seconds? Apparently me and everyone else who played this game because it’s a common trophy. Other than that the other trophies range from rare to ultra-rare and are for beating the game and all it’s different modes. For only 12 trophies, it’s a lot of work.

Probability of this game getting played again…1 out of 5.

At the moment I have no desire to play this game, but then again hurricane season is right around the corner and I like to keep my PS Vita stashed with some games just in case there’s an actual hurricane and I need something to do besides hide in my house and listen to the wind blowing outside. So, this game might actually get played this year or it might not. It’s all up to mother nature now.

Now it’s your turn. Did you love this game? Hate it? Even play it and get more than one trophy? Let me know down below in the comments section and for next week, it was back to the PS3 and back to a game that I started the previous year but just couldn’t get into it. This time I had some incentive though as my “friend” wanted to play the multiplayer before it was completely dead and get all of the trophies. I thought that maybe this game would get us out of this funk we were in, but it turns out that it didn’t and made things even worse. I’ll let you know more about that and why I never finished BioShock 2 next week.



This Week in Trophies 05-13-2018 – 05-19-2018

So this week was a fun one, and I write that in the most sarcastic way possible. There was another meeting with my fantastic boss, another sarcastic note, had a buddy of mine get so tired of the way things are going at work that he just up and quit, and basically had yet another shit week. As much as you’re probably tired of hearing about this I’m tired of writing about it, so on with my little list of trophies.

God of War – 57%

So I busted my ass this week trying to get trophies for this game, but it seems like they randomly come and require a hell of a lot of grinding to find collectibles and other things. I’m getting a little burnt out on finding all of these collectibles, but I really want the platinum for this game. I have to say though as much as I liked the game itself, this running around thing is kind of ruining the game itself for me. That’s not a good thing.

God of WarGod of WarGod of WarGod of WarGod of WarGod of War

King Oddball – 57%

I played this game again this week, but like always spent more time then I really wanted to on it. I think I just have to take a day maybe a day and half to finish it completely and just be done with the whole thing so that I stop playing because I really don’t want to play as much as I do when there are a bunch of other games sitting there waiting to be played.

King Oddball

And there you have it, another 7 trophies for this week to add to my pathetic number of trophies as of late. This upcoming week is going to be a tough one because I take a little break from gaming and go on vacation! Going on vacation means no time for gaming, but in the few days that I do have to game I’ll be trying to finish up King Oddball and God of War. Like I said last week, the Far Cry 5 platinum is going to have to wait until my buddy, @tjarvinen86, follow him on Twitter because he’s cool, gets the game and I have someone to do the co-op missions with along with the multiplayer stuff with. Anyway, just an FYI, this blog will be on hold next week since I’ll be on vacation and the next time I post about trophies will be the following week. Hopefully I can actually get stuff done.


Most Anticipated Game for June 2018

June 2018

Holy hell it’s going to be June already. Half of this year is gone and while I’m not really looking for that much of an eventful month with E3 right around the corner, there has to be something coming out in June right? Right? Take a look at the list down below and then take a look to see if I’ll be playing anything new.

*Just as a side note, my list of June releases is not perfect. There might be some missing, or some dates may change. If you have anything you want to add feel free to let me know in the comments and I’ll include it in the list.*

The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset – PS4
Onrush – PS4
Nobunaga’s Ambiion: Taishi – PS4
Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr – PS4
Vampyr – PS4
BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle – PS4

Tempest 4000 – PS4
Super Bomerman R – PS4

LEGO The Incredibles – PS4

SteamWorld Dig 2 – PS4
Yoku’s Island Express – PS4
The Lost Child – PS4

New Gundam Breaker – PS4

The Crew 2 – PS4
Psychedelicaof the Ashen Hawk – PS Vita

And that’s the round up of games coming out in June. It’s a decent list for a middle of the year month. I have a couple of games on my personal radar like Vampyr and LEGO The Incredibles, but that’s about it. While I know for sure I won’t be pre-ordering LEGO The Incredibles, I’ll purchase it on sale at the holiday time like I usually do with my LEGO games, I’m not sure about Vampyr. I really like what I’ve seen with this game, but it comes out first thing in June and I’ll probably still be playing Detroit: Become Human, or the way things are going I’ll still be trying to finish up God of War. Anyway, I’m not sure yet if I’ll pre-order Vampyr or wait for a sale.

Now it’s your turn. Anything for June that you’re super interested in? Any day one games for you? Or will you be sticking to your backlog and waiting for E3? Let me know down below in the comments section.


The Countdown to MegaCon – Part 7

Just when I thought the announcements for MegaCon were done and I was basically set for this years show, a few more announcements rolled in along with one cancelation. I’m pretty sure this is going to be my last blog because as much as I can’t believe it, MegaCon is next week! I’m super excited so let’s get into those final announcements.

After Norman Reedus, I really thought that the lineup was packed, my Saturday and Sunday are going to be absolutely nuts, but there was still more! Making his first convention appearance at MegaCon is a True Blood star, not one that I wanted, but something for all of those True Blood fans out there.

Stephen Moyer

That’s right, the one and only Stephen Moyer from True Blood, and most recently The Gifted will be making an appearance at this years MegaCon. I would have thought that if they were going to bring a True Blood star it would have been Anna Paquin, but that’s just me. I was never really into True Blood anyway and I’m not into The Gifted and this is kind of a blessing in disguise because if I had to fit anyone else into my schedule it would be insane.

After this announcement, I figured that this was it, photo-ops were set to go on sale in a few days, but another announcement came and I was like huh? Anyway, this one is for all of the Stargate Atlantis fans out there.

Joe Flanigan

That’s right, John Sheppard himself, Joe Flanigan from Stargate Atlantis will be joining the MegaCon lineup this year. Again, another blessing in disguise because I had no idea there was even a Stargate Atlantis. I used to watch the original Stargate but kind of loss track of that, so I have no idea who this person is or what the show he was in was about.

So, I think this is the final announcement and it’s a big one according to my co-worker who constantly quotes 2001: A Space Odyssey and then looks at me funny when I have no idea what she’s talking about. Anyway, this is another announcement that I was just like OK, but apparently it’s a huge deal.

Keir DulleaGary Lockwood

That’s right the stars of 2001: A Space Odyssey Keir Dullea and Gary Lockwood will be at MegaCon celebrating the 50th anniversary of this movie. To this day I still haven’t seen this movie and probably won’t since MegaCon is next week, so another blessing in disguise as I don’t know how to add any more photo-ops and autographs into my weekend.


It’s never a MegaCon without a cancelation and after being to so many of these shows I’ve learned not to be upset even if they were someone that I really wanted to meet. I was cautiously awaiting a cancellation too since I had already purchased my photo-ops. It seems like after I purchase them that’s when the cancellations roll in so while I was kind of waiting for a cancellation, I was kind of surprised that the cancellation turned out to be Renee O’Connor which means no Xena Team-Up Photo-Op.

Renee OConnor - Cancelled


MegaCon Chair

Yes this is the final image of the MegaCon chair before everything gets sorted into bags based on what I’ll be doing on what day. I know this chair is a complete and utter mess and I do miss my chair so it’ll be a welcomed thing to sort everything into neat little baggies for each day so that I know what I’m taking and when I’m taking it. There are some things missing from the chair because I have to go and get them down from walls because they already have existing signatures on them, but this is basically it.

And that’s a wrap with the countdown! If something huge comes up though I will do one final blog, but I’m kind of feeling like this is a wrap since it’s literally a week away. Anyway, if you’re heading to MegaCon drop me a line down in the comments section below and let me know what you’re most excited for. As always, I’ll have a bunch of stuff to tell you guys after the show and I just can’t wait!


Pitch Perfect 3 Review

Pitch Perfect 3

I have to admit I’m a huge Pitch Perfect fan. I have been since the first movie, which I totally fell in love with, and it continued onto the second movie, which was OK (I say OK even though I’ve watched it probably the same amount of times as the first one), so I was excited for the third and final chapter of this movie series. I was supposed to see it in the movie theater, but was sick for most of the month with a really bad case of tonsillitis. So I waited for it on DVD. I heard about the bad reviews and put off getting this movie for a while. I finally made the purchase though and figured I would give it a shot.

Pitch Perfect 3 centers around the main characters of the Barden Bella’s. Beca, played by Anna Kendrick, is a failed music producer who has just lost her job. Fat Amy, played by Rebel Wilson, is trying to get her own show on the road with Fat Amy Whine House. Chloe, played by Brittany Snow, is trying to get into vet school. Aubrey, played by Anna Camp, is still working the same job that she worked in Pitch Perfect 2. The whole point though is that all of these girls are basically miserable. They’ve finally left college and are trying to make it in the real world, but it’s not happening. When they get the chance to reunite as Bella’s one last time for a USO tour, they jump at the chance and go globe trotting as the USO world tour turns out to be a competition and the winner will become the opening act for DJ Khaled. Will the Bella’s succeed for one final time? Or will it finally be time for them to hang up their yellow scarves? All that will be revealed and more in the final Pitch Perfect movie.

Being the Pitch Perfect fan that I am, I would be lying if I said that this movie was the perfect ending to a movie that took what Glee had and turned it into something better. This movie just plain out sucked. It was the worst Pitch Perfect movie and a horrible way to put an end to all of these girl’s story. The main plot was iffy at best and the sub-plot of Fat Amy’s dad being some crime lord was just thrown in there for a reason that I’ll get to in a minute. I really tried to like this movie, I did, but I just couldn’t. There were so many things wrong with it, so many missed points, so many missed opportunities, that it just made this movie a complete yawn fest. I will say that the whole USO tour thing was clever and would have worked, if they devoted more time to that instead of making it a montage and instead centering on the whole Fat Amy and her dad. Don’t get me wrong, Fat Amy is one of my favorite characters, but the sub-plot that was added to this movie just made this move sink down even lower in the ratings. There were those funny parts, most of them because of Rebel Wilson, but other than that I felt like I just stared at the screen for an hour and a half and watched a complete and utter train wreck. Unlike the movies before, there was nothing catchy, nothing to actually remember, nothing to actually reference in the real world and have people who don’t know the movie look at you like “huh?” and have people who do know the movie quote something back to you. (Yes, I have to put in here that I’m a total nerd when it comes to this movie and will refer to things as acca-awesome which makes people look at me funny at work. They obviously don’t get the Pitch Perfect references.) Anyway, this movie could have been so much better, but it just wasn’t.

The Queer Baiting is Real – So it’s been obvious since the first movie that there was always something going on between Becca and Chloe. Sure people will say it was because of the shower scene, but it was something so much more. Even if the shower scene was removed from the first movie, which would be a damn shame, it was obvious to see that there was something going on between Becca and Chloe. Maybe the first movie didn’t intentionally do this, and that’s understandable. It happens a lot where people will ship a certain couple, who aren’t actually a couple, just based on the obvious chemistry on screen. An example that comes to mind is Xena. I could talk about Xena for hours, but moving on, the second movie played upon this and played upon the LGBT audience that began to ship Becca and Chloe. Obviously I was one of them. I so wanted this to happen and got tired of the whole Becca and Jessie thing. When it was put to an end in Pitch Perfect 3 it made me wonder a bit. Would Universal make Becca and Chloe a thing? With this last movie being a basic fan service, you would think so. Then it was leaked that a kiss between Becca and Chloe was filmed and it was how the movie would end. Then there was the promo that Universal put out themselves, before getting rid of it, with Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow going in for an embrace but stopping and urging the audience to come and see if they actually got together in the final movie. Fast forward to the movie being released and everything basically being erased. SPOILER ALERT Chloe ends up with some random guy that she met at the beginning of the movie. Becca ends up alone because she’s not having any of that shit. Throughout this movie it was heavily hinted that these two characters would end up together, and I’m not just talking about the touching scene, it was other obvious things that were thrown into the viewers face only to have nothing pan out in the end. This is obvious queer baiting on behalf of Universal and it’s wrong. It’s wrong in so many ways especially for a movie studio that basically produces porn with Fifty Shades of Grey and the sequels, which you can buy unrated versions of, but God forbid there were two women kissing on screen! It’s not it like was hinted at for three movies! Seriously Universal? Then to not even release the kiss as a deleted scene on the DVD was just a nail on the coffin. Being part of the LGBT community this just really gets to me, I would have been fine if the scene wasn’t filmed and confirmed or if the promo that was pulled hadn’t been released at all, but all of this happened and for Universal to purposely not put this into the movie was obvious queer baiting and it’s just wrong. So shame on you Universal.

As always, the one and only shining part of this movie was the cast. The cast works perfectly together and I really love it when a movie comes together and brings together a cast that just works like this one did and always will. For all three movies, this cast of actress’s have just knocked it out of the ball park and through the ridiculousness of it all made these movies what they are. The first one being iconic, the second one being some what memorable, and the third one being forgettable. The only thing that’s memorable about this movie is the devotion of these actress’s to try and put the best movie they could possibly put out there and for that they get a kudos.

Overall I give this movie a 1 out of 5.

So what a way for this movie to go out. This was the worst addition to the Pitch Perfect franchise with the horrible plot, the even more horrible sub-plot and the more than obvious queer-baiting that went on during the course of not only this film but the other films as well. While this movie doesn’t ruin the whole franchise as a whole, it definitely ends it on a sour note and makes me want to hide this movie from my collection. This is definitely not being played during the Pitch Perfect binge watching nights. If you’re a Pitch Perfect fan I would say to skip this movie and just end it at 2 because it’s not worth it to sit through a horrible plot and sub-plot. If you’re a Becca and Chloe shipper, like myself, I would say to never watch this movie because it will reel you in, hook, line, and sinker, only to not deliver in the end and put a nail in the coffin of the whole Becca and Chloe shipping.


I Never Finished…Batman: Arkham City…Because

Batman: Arkham City

As many of you might already know, my Batman knowledge if very slim. I’ve played the Telltale Batman games, the LEGO Batman games, watched a few Batman movies, watch Gotham, but that’s about it. I’m more of a Marvel girl than a DC girl and for some reason Batman never really interested me. Give me a game about Wonder Woman and I’ll be all over it. Anyway, my “friend” said I just had to play this game because it was the best Batman game ever. I said OK because I was tired of arguing and went out and bought the game thinking, “hey this is a single player game and I can have a few days or a week at best of silence if she sees I’m playing it.” Not really a good reason to buy a game, hence why I never finished it.

Batman: Arkham City is about Batman. You get to play as Batman and make your way through the city chasing after Batman’s number one nemesis, The Joker, while doing some other stuff on the side. This is a follow up to the 2009 game, Arkham Asylum, which I never played. Turns out this time around Batman is in this huge super prison within Gotham that has been named Arkham City. Here Batman is going knock out criminals, chase down some common bad guys throughout the history of Batman, and try to find out about “Protocol 10.” While this all sounds like fun if you’re a huge Batman person, if you’re not this game is just a head scratcher.

So I probably should have payed Arkham Asylum first because maybe it would have made more sense. Sometimes jumping into a sequel is not a good idea. For some games you can, others you can’t and I think this is one of them. Anyway, I remember playing this game for about 8 days before finally beating it and saying that I was done. I have to say though I did make sure to get more trophies than my “friend” though because I thought it would piss her off, it totally did. Mission accomplished. Anyway, I really didn’t like the whole story or the actual game play. I thought it was mediocre at best and don’t even get me started with the “gliding.” That was just a pain in the ass and I hated every single part of that. Anyway, there was still a bunch of stuff to do after finishing the main story and because I just wasn’t feeling the game, I put it down and never played again.

I have to say though, I didn’t do bad in the trophy department. Out of the 51 base trophies for this game, I was able to get 30 of them in one shot. Not bad in my opinion. Because of my non interest in this game, I didn’t purchase any of the DLC which added an additional 20 trophies, so I don’t have any of those. Anyway, I’m missing a bunch of random trophies like having a date with Calendar Man, which can easily be hacked, but I don’t do that type of thing, getting a combo score, solving all of the Riddler’s crap, and playing a new game. It’s really a lot that’s left to do and not something I can just jump back into and get the trophies by playing one afternoon.

Probability of this game getting played again…2 out of 5.

Batman: Arkham City

So I still have this game, I have all the games I never finished and only keep a small collection of games that I absolutely love. The rest get sold off for some extra cash to go towards more games…that I’ll probably never finish. Anyway, at the moment I really have no desire to go back and play this game. But you never know, I might look at this game sitting in my folder one day and be like, “hmm…yeah I want to play this.” It can happen. Not right not, but in the future. The far far away future.

Now it’s your turn. Did you love this game because you’re a huge Batman fan? Love this game just because you thought it was great? Hate this game? Actually have the platinum for this game without hacking the Calendar Man trophy? Let me know down in the comments section and for next week a PS Vita game. So I was at this pretty toxic point with my “friend” and really bitched at her because of this game. I needed some time to cool down which is why I turned to my PS Vita and played a free PS+ game. Gotta love that I really haven’t invested all that much money in games for my PS Vita. Anyway, next on my I Never Finished list is Germinator. It looked fun enough, but I only got one trophy. I’ll let you know why next week.


This Week in Trophies 05-06-2018 – 05-12-2018

Another week, another crap week for trophies. I’m seriously not happy with where I’m at with trophies lately and it’s just because there is a hell of a lot going on. Let’s see my normal week in review was another shitty week at work, where it’s becoming a common thing and I try to just swallow all of my stress and smile acting like everything is completely normal. Then there was an issue with my dog this week, which why not just add that to the pile right? Anyway, that’s a very brief look at my real life and here’s a look at my trophy life.

God of War- 35%

Shit, these collectibles and completing every single area of this map is just killing me. I mean seriously there are so many collectibles and places that you have to 100%. It’s crazy. I mean just crazy. I have no idea where to start half the time when I start the game and usually I have no idea where I left off. At this point it’s one big cluster fuck of trying to find random shit.

God of War

King Oddball – 52%

So when I was young and carefree, mostly because I was unemployed, I had these games that I would call “starter games” they would start my gaming time which usually lasted anywhere between 8-10 hours a day. Now I would play these games for maybe an hour at the most before going to the next game, probably something better, before ending my gaming time with a huge AAA game. Anyway, I still try to do that now even though I don’t have 8-10 hours to game and I usually get stuck playing these little games and not moving onto anything else. This is where King Oddball came in this week. It’s not a bad game, the graphics are a little off, and it’s not a great game either. It’s just a starter game that turned into more than that this week.

King OddballKing OddballKing OddballKing OddballKing OddballKing Oddball

So that was it. Only 7 trophies this week. A pretty crappy trophy week and I don’t expect it to be any better this upcoming week. I am going to try and finish King Oddball as well as God of War. I might try to get some random trophies in Far Cry 5, but I think I’ll wait to do that until a new buddy of mine gets the game and then we can grind out some trophies. I’ll let you know how things turn out next week.


I Never Finished…Knytt Underground…Because

Knytt Underground

As I said last week, this was a free PS+ game. While I had stopped downloading every single free PS+ game just because they were free, I genuinely thought that I would enjoy this game and enjoy it enough that I would finish it completely. How hard could it be right? Apparently very because I never finished it. Keep reading to find out why.

Knytt Underground is about…to tell you the truth I have no idea. This was one of those games where I had to do some research just to tell you what this game is actually about so here it goes. In Knytt Underground you play as a sprite called Mi Sprocket. Mi has lost the ability to speak accurately so everyone misunderstands her and she’s recruited, unwillingly, into a mission in order to save the world. In order to save the world, Mi has to ring the six bells of fate which you have to find throughout this puzzle 2d side scrolling type game.

So yeah, I was completely clueless to this game and actually tried to replay this game a few times after getting lost over and over again, but it just didn’t happen. I had no idea what was going on and I just couldn’t keep up which made me feel completely stupid. How dare a game do that! So I just tossed it to the side. I keep it on my PS3 though because when you scroll over it, the games gives this pretty image and this relaxing little sound. The game reminds me of Fez, which I did complete and actually wrote a review for. You can read that review here, but I have to give the disclaimer that it’s a horrible review. Horrible. Anyway, this game is like that. While playing you really have no idea what you’re doing or why you’re supposed to be doing it. So after numerous times of trying to play, I just gave up.

As you can see from the picture above I got a big fat 0 in the trophy department. It’s really nothing to be ashamed of though because if you look at the actual trophy list and see what each trophy ranges as, they range from very rare to ultra-rare. That’s for the whole list. There is not one common trophy, uncommon trophy, or even rare trophy on there. This doesn’t make me too angry, but I still hate having that stain on my profile.

Probability of this game getting played again…4 out of 5.

So why rate this game so high if I’m not ashamed of the 0 trophies or don’t really care for the game? Because I just want to finish it. It’s one of those games where I want to find a walkthrough, spend a day playing, get all of the trophies, and be done with it. I just don’t want it on my list anymore and I want to be able to take it off my system even though it has that relaxing background and sound. It’s one of those games that keeps picking at the back of my mind telling me that I could play and finish it.

Now it’s your turn. Love this game? Hate this game? Get any trophies at all or actually finish this game? If you did I applaud you and please brag about it down in the comments section below. For next week, another game that was recommended by my “friend.” Why did I keep listening to her? Anyway, it’s a few more weeks before our big blow up and the last time you’ll ever hear about her because we stopped being friends. Anyway, that’s not happening next week, next week I’ll just tell you how I was convinced to play a game I never wanted to play and ended up never finishing it. For next week I’ll tell you why I never finished Batman: Arkham City.


This Week in Trophies 04-29-2018 – 05-05-2018

This was another sad week for trophies. I remember when I used to get so excited writing this blog because I would have 50+ trophies to brag about, now it’s like I’m lucky if I make it to 20 which is extremely rare these past few weeks / months. Anyway, this is what my week in the gaming world looked like.

Gems of War – 83%

I really don’t mind the updates for this game, especially with the improvements that it makes upon the game, but seriously what the hell with all of the trophies it has to add! I mean, I try to play this game to keep up with my Guild, which is severely lacking members, but it just seems never ending and it wants you to devote your entire life to it. If you play this game and are looking for a Guild, please let me know. One of these days I’m going to call it quits with this game, just not any time soon.

Gems of War

God of War – 32%

So I know how I’ve said this game is great and all, and it is, but I just thought the end, which I think was the end because after I finished the last mission the credits rolled, was just eh. Compared to the game as a whole, which was epic, it just felt like the ending fell really flat. I hate saying that because the game was amazing and such an improvement, but I don’t know about the ending. I’m going to have to think about it as I go back to get some more trophies.

God of WarGod of WarGod of WarGod of War

King Oddball – 23%

This game was free, starting this week and the rest of the month, and even though I vowed not to start a new game until I finished God of War or Far Cry 5, I couldn’t resist playing this game. I think it’s because I’ve played Baseball Riot and Tennis in the Face and I wanted to play this game because it’s basically the same thing. The only thing I can say about this game right now is that the graphics are really bad. They’re like blurry, and I don’t know if that was supposed to be like that or if it just is for some reason.

King OddballKing OddballKing OddballKing OddballKing Oddball

That was it for this week, a lousy 10 trophies. This week my plan is to try and get the platinum for both God of War and Far Cry 5. I know it’s a hefty goal, but I think if I set my mind to it that I can do it, plus I have some free time this week. Not a lot, but some. I still have a bunch of prep for MegaCon which is less than 20 days away! So there’s that…and there’s work, which I hate, but I’ll let you know how things go next week.


Gaming Goals for the New Year – April 2018 – UPDATE

I’m just going to say that April just plain sucked for me. It was a good month if you’re a gamer because you were still probably playing Far Cry 5 and then started playing God of War. But for me it just sucked. The whole month just started off bad and ended in a bad place as well. Here’s hoping that this month is going to look up and hopefully I make some progress on some of my goals so let’s check them out.

Gaming Goals for 2018

Have a total of 125 platinum trophies.

– Starting # of Platinum Trophies: 88
– Ending # of Platinum Trophies: 88
The plan this month was to at least get the Far Cry 5 platinum trophy and maybe the God of War platinum trophy, but with everything going on this month that just did not happen. One month without a platinum trophy hurts a little, and I hate to make excuses but these aren’t small games that I’m playing. They’re huge games with huge worlds and take a lot of time to platinum. Time that I really don’t have.

Have a total of 10,000 trophies.

– Starting # of Trophies: 8,264
– Ending # of Trophies: 8,312
I didn’t even come close to hitting 100 trophies this month and this is depressing, just like the rest of my goals. I’m at the point where I’m kind of like whatever when it comes to these goals. I know that they’re supposed to be fun but at this point in time I’m just honestly not caring about them that much. This will probably change next month, but right now this is just how I feel.

Have 175 games completed at 100%

– Starting # of Games 100% Complete: 133
– Ending # of Games 100% Complete: 133
This number stayed the same this month because I didn’t finish any of the games that I’m currently playing. I didn’t even finish any of the games that I started a while ago and maybe picked up playing a little this month. Nothing new was completed.

Have an overall completion rating of 75%

– Starting Completion Rate: 54.69%
– Ending Completion Rate: 54.77%
This number went up this month? I’m a little surprised myself since I thought it would drop. I’m pleasantly surprised that it went up and not down so I’ll take this as a small victory. I know I’m not hitting 75% this year but as long as I stay above 50% I’ll be happy.

Start and Complete 10 new games that are not in my backlog

– Starting Number of New Games Played and Completed: 1
– Starting Number of New Games Played and Completed: 1
The only game I purchased this month was God of War and that game is extremely long and there’s a lot to do so it’s not going to be complete any time soon. Not to mention the fact that I’m also working on trying to finish Far Cry 5. Once these are both done, which I’m sure I can do this number can go up to at least 3.

Play and complete 25 RANDOM games in my backlog

– Starting Number of completed games in my backlog: 5
– Ending Number of completed games in my backlog: 5
This stayed the same number this month because I didn’t play anything in my backlog. I basically played new games and if I played something in my backlog, I sure as hell didn’t have the time to complete it. Same song and dance, different category when it comes to my goals.

Only pre-order 10 new games and save the rest for Black Friday and holiday sales

– Starting Number of Pre-Orders: 3
– Ending Number of Pre-Orders: 3
I didn’t pre-order anything this month, probably because I don’t even know what’s coming out in the next couple of months. I have to admit that I’m a little out of touch and basically have a little world of games that I’ve been watching and that’s it. Anyway, I don’t think I’ll even hit 10 this year and that’s a good thing.

So yeah, this month sucked. There were a lot of things going on in my personal life and in my work life that just prevented me from gaming and made me a little bitter. I know this blog was a big downer and I apologize, hopefully things will look up next month and I can get some things accomplished before the end of the month because then I go on my very well deserved 4 day vacation to MegaCon. At this point, I really can’t wait for it and it’s one of the only things I’m looking forward to as I count down the days.