Game Reviews

Since I’m going to be starting to post some game reviews here I wanted to give a breakdown on what I look for in a game when I’m playing and how I go about rating games. I usually like to give a review after I’ve received the platinum trophy in a game. It makes me feel like I’ve done everything the game has to offer and gives me a better perspective of the overall game as a whole, but there will be times when I do an in progress review. Other then that there are 6 things that I look for when playing a game.

•In order to have a good game, you have to have a good story. You can have the most amazing graphics and other gameplay elements in your game, but if you’re lacking the story the whole game suffers.

•In order for a game to be good, it has to have good gameplay. I have to be able to become immersed in a game to actually be able to enjoy it, if not the game feels like a chore.

•In order for a game to have good gameplay, the playability of that game has to be almost effortless. When playing a game you shouldn’t have to think about which button to press next or worry about glitches or lag.

•With the release of next gen systems, graphics matter to some extent. When playing on a next gen system, I don’t want to see graphics that I would have seen using my PS3. If you make a game for PS4 then it should look like a PS4 game.

•Being the trophy hunter that I am, it’s pretty obvious that I like trophies. Trophies should be fun to get and should be some what challenging. They should also feel like they belong with the game.

•Like some gamers out there, I’m not a fan of multiplayer. I don’t really like when it feels that it is tacked on to the game to sell more copies and I don’t like those really long grind types of things that I have to do for trophies. That being said there have been plenty of games where I have in fact enjoyed the multiplayer enough that I will spend a couple of days playing it.

Now that you see what I’m looking for when I play games, I plan on having my first review up within the next couple of days so keep watching this space for my first review.


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