The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 4 PS3 Review

Previously on The Walking Dead…nah, I’m just messing with you, but seriously I will tell you this, if you want to avoid spoilers play the game before reading this. Seriously, there will be SPOILERS.

I have to say that after last seasons fourth episode, I was really not looking forward to this one and expecting a total snooze fest. I was pleasantly surprised with this seasons fourth episode and all of the twists, turns and that cliffhanger ending! Here’s what I thought about episode 4:

Before we get started though, here are the choices that I made in the previous episodes so you know where I stand.

Episode 1:
– I stopped to help Christa
– I killed the dog (It was a mercy killing! Kudos to anyone who actually gets that reference)
– I gave water to the dying man
– I accepted Nick’s apology
– I saved Nick

Episode 2:
– I took the blame for Sarah’s photo
– I sat with Kenny at dinner time (Shame on you if you didn’t)
– I told Walter the truth about Matthew
– I convinced Walter to forgive Nick
– I sought help from Kenny

Episode 3:
– I helped Sarah with her chores
– I didn’t tell Bonnie about Luke
– I tried to speak up and take the blame for the walkie-talkie
– I watched Kenny kill Carver
– I chopped off Sarita’s arm.

This episode picks up right where the last one ended when you either cut off Sarita’s arm in a desperate attempt to save her…or you didn’t. From there the story rolls into a kind of slow pace, but it doesn’t make it less interesting. A lot of stuff happens this episode. People die, a lot of people die. For example, Nick kinda gets what was coming to him and gets turned into a zombie. Zombie Nick ends up stuck on a fence which just goes to prove that he wasn’t all that bright when he was alive and he sure as hell isn’t all that bright as a zombie. People who you think should have been dead by now are still alive. Yes, I’m looking at you Bonnie. I didn’t like you in the DLC, and surprise surprise I still don’t like you. People live as normal as they possibly can while trying to survive a zombie apocalypse and there’s some new life.

All in all this makes for an intense episode that will have you on the edge of your seat just waiting to see what happens next. The choices this time around were some pretty hard ones too as there were really no easy choices for Clem and every choice seems like it will have a consequence because in this game, choices matter.

Like with any episode this season there were tears along the way, happy ones this time, but tears nonetheless. As the story progresses you come to feel things about the characters around you. Whether it’s hatred, pity, or attachment this episode makes you feel. And then it ends with another cliffhanger making you think what the fuck and wish that you would have waited until the final episode came out to play so you can just keep going.

BONUS: For a serious episode there are some funny lines. My favorites were Mike’s “I’d eat the shit out of that raccoon” and Kenny’s “What the fuck is going on up here?” The later wasn’t meant to be funny but the delivery of that line will just make you laugh. Also there was some pretty awesome music during the end credits. Kudos Telltale!

Time flew by as I played this episode without a break because I was just that into it. I had one of those whoa moments when it was over and looked at the time. This episode is definitely one of my favorites this season and nothing like last seasons fourth episode that made my mind wander and wonder when then hell it was going to be over.

I’ve come to expect some bugs and glitches with this game series and this episode was no different. At times the game lagged and got stuck during loading and saves. This only seemed to get worse when trophies were popping. Initial load times were a little long as well and made me think that the game froze a few times even though it didn’t.

The graphics on this game were the same as they usually are. Nothing changed for the better or worse, they were just normal for the game.

Trophies were easy as usual. Even though there is no platinum trophy this time around, this is one of the games I don’t play for the trophies. I genuinely like the story and could care less if the game had trophies or not.

Like always there was no multiplayer proving that not all games need it or should have it.

Overall I give this episode a 4 out of 5

What’s Great:
+ No lull in the story, it’s just as interesting and intense as the rest of the game
+ Tough choices that make you think even after you made them
+ As I’ve come to expect, this episode made me cry. Happy tears for once, but still tears

What’s Not So Great:
Laggy play time and some super slow loading and saving

All in all this episode was pretty great and it breaks free of the curse of the bad episode 4 that I’ve seen with some other Telltale games. I can’t wait for the last episode to see how this season ends.

Below are my choices for this episode:
– I saved Sarah at the trailer park
– I stole from Arvo
– I crawled through the ticket booth (I have no idea why, but yeah I did it.)
– I held the baby (How could you not hold the baby! He was so cute and it was really a highlight of the episode)
– I shot Rebecca (She was a zombie! What was I supposed to do??)


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