Video Game Delays

This is definitely a tricky subject. Some people say they’re good, some say they’re bad and while there are good arguments for both sides, I tend to side with the people that say they’re a good thing.

Game delays mean a better game. I would rather have a game that is as close to perfect as it can get then have a game that is full of glitches and needs to be patched a bunch of times. Everyone knows that glitches and bugs are not only extremely annoying but can be game breaking. I truly appreciate it when a developer decides that they want to fix their game before it is released.

The only thing that bothers me about game delays is when there is too much build up to a game only to find out that, less than 3 months to release, the game has been delayed. I would think that at the 90 day mark you’re pretty sure if the game is a go or not, so if it’s not then it’s probably a good idea not to start a release countdown.

On a final note, while it’s disappointing when a game you’ve been waiting for has been delayed, I would rather have a game that is close to perfect as possible then something that is glitchy and not worthy of my $60. That being said, I now know better then to plan a vacation around a video game release. Lesson learned.


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