Watch_Dogs Social Lubricant Before the Patch – Pawnee – Levels 1 – 10

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been posting video’s of how to get the Social Lubricant Trophy in Watch_Dogs. Now that the drinking games have been patched, I figured I would show what the drinking games were like before the patch. I plan on making this a three part thing, so here’s the third and final part and it’s for the Drinking Games in Pawnee. Enjoy and happy trophy hunting!

Level 1

Difficulty: 1/10

Level 2

Difficulty: 1/10

Level 3

Difficulty: 2/10

Level 4

Difficulty: 4/10

Level 5

Difficulty: 5/10

Level 6

Difficulty: 6/10

Level 7

Difficulty: 4/10

Level 8

Difficulty: 7/10

Level 9

Difficulty: 5/10

Level 10

Difficulty: 9/10



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