Download or Retail?

When it comes to buying games one of the biggest questions is how are you going to actually buy the game. Are you going to do it the old fashioned way and buy it from a store or are you just going to download it? As with everything there are advantages and disadvantages that come with each.

Buying retail has always been my preferred method of getting my games and there are a lot of reasons for that. Console space is one of my main issues and the main reason why I purchase the majority of my games retail. Downloaded games take up more space on your systems hard drive then retail games do. I understand that you don’t necessarily have to download the game that you purchased right at that moment, but if I purchased something I like to have it readily available for when I get the chance to play. With a retail game all I have to do is pop it into my system and I’m good to go. Install and system updates also take up less time this way so that I’m not waiting for hours to play a game.

Another reason I buy retail is because I don’t keep all of my games once I’ve gotten the platinum trophy. There’s really no reason for me to go back and play some games or maybe I just know that I’m not going to want to play that game again so it’s easier for me to sell them when I’m done. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t sell all of my games. Games that I’ve absolutely loved, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Uncharted, Borderlands, and a couple of more, I keep in my collection. I like to keep my collection small though and focus on really great series instead of keeping every single game that I’ve ever played. If I downloaded the majority of my games then I’m stuck with them. Once I beat them and never want to play them again I can’t resell it and make some extra cash

Now while I prefer retail that doesn’t mean that I don’t download any games. Being a fan of indie games, downloading is the only way to go. Most of these games never make it to the retail version so the only way to play them is to download them. This is one of the instances that I’m perfectly content to download the game and not care that there isn’t a retail version.

Another time that I’m perfectly fine with downloading a game is when there is a sale. As many of you know, Playstation throws a bunch of sales on games from time to time and they’re pretty good sales. If I know that I can’t find that game at a retail store for less, I’ll save myself some money and download it. Take Dead Space for instance. I picked Dead Space 1 and 2 up during a Halloween sale for less then $7. Crazy right? With stuff like that I’m more then happy to download and save some money.

Final verdict? It’s not bad to do a little bit of retail buying and some downloading. For AAA games that I have to have on release day I’ll always go retail. If I think the game is worthy enough to keep in my collection after I get the platinum I’ll keep it. If not, at least I can sell it and make some money back. When it comes to indie games and unbelievable sales, I’ll always download.



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