Does the Length of a Game Really Matter?

Just like everyone else, I’ve played games that are 100’s of hours long and games that lasted maybe a few hours. Although I like games that last more then just a few hours there’s good in bad in both types of games. Sometimes a game that’s too long isn’t all that great once you reach that 50-60 hour mark and a game that’s short leaves you wanting more. So does it really matter how long a game is?

When you look at it price wise, of course it does. The longer the game is the more value you get out of that game. Take Skyrim for instance. If you play just about every mission and side mission and do some other stuff your game could last you well over 100 hours. That’s not to mention if you play the game more then once. Look at the value you’re getting out of that! In contrast, a game like Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, which costs $14.99, will get you at the most 3 ½ hours of playtime. Also there’s no replayability factor to this game so you’ll be getting one playthrough out of this game. If you want to break it down, let’s say you paid $60 for Skyrim and played a few times for a total of 300 hours. That means it cost you about $0.20 per hour to play this game. Now with Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, lets say you paid the full $14.99 for this game and then played for the full 3 ½ hours. That means it cost you about $4.28 per hour to play this game. Clearly Skyrim is the better option value wise.

What about quality wise though? Don’t get me wrong Skyrim is a great game I’ve spent hours and hours playing it and still haven’t completed it yet. The main reason why I haven’t completed it yet is because of all the missions in the game. This is what makes the game actually last as long as it does, but the missions are basically the same thing over and over again. Go and get something for this person, bring it back to them to get a reward, rinse and repeat. This makes the significance and quality of each mission decline. Once this happens the overall game quality begins to decline making the game boring and making my eye wander to a new game. If you break down the game to just the bare bones it really isn’t that long of a game. You can probably do just the story missions within 20 hours. Now with Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, every aspect of the game is different. The whole game is one big quest that has a clearly defined beginning middle, and end with no distractions. This is also why the game is so short. If you look at these two games quality wise, I would say that there’s more quality with Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.

The answer to the main question of if the length of a game matters is both yes and no. It just depends on what you’re going for. If you want the most value out of your game then you should get a game that lasts longer. If you want a quality game you have to realize that sometimes you’ll play only for a couple of hours and that’s it. Either way you shouldn’t let the length of a game discourage you from actually buying it. You could be missing out on some pretty awesome games just because it’s not long enough.



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