The Walking Dead Season 2 Review (PS Vita)

I like to count The Walking Dead among one of my favorite video game series of all time. This is why I play it on just about every single platform that it’s available for. Already having played Season 2 on the PS3, my next step was to play it on the PS Vita. Here’s what I thought about it.

Just like with the PS3 version, this season revolves around Clementine and her journey through the zombie apocalypse. Lee is dead and after some intense events within the first opening minutes of the game, poor Clem is all by herself. She’s just a little girl, but in this new world she has to be strong and she had to endure. This season she’ll have to meet new people and figure out who she can and can’t trust. As always there were hard heart breaking decisions that change the course of not only the game, but how the people of your new group see you. Not everyone is going to like you and you certainly won’t like some of the people that you’re traveling with. The point is to survive and make the hard decision of how Clem is going to end up.

Just like the first time I played, I was totally into this game. Even though I knew the story, knew what was going to happen, it didn’t matter. The only difference is that I didn’t have to wait this time around for the episodes to be released which was nice. While I played Clementine a little more hardened the first time around, I played her a little bit differently this time. Of course there were some decisions that remained the same but I tried as much as possible to switch things up in order to see how differently the game played out. I really didn’t see much of a difference between my two playthroughs to be honest though. Except for the major decisions that I changed up everything else basically stayed the same.

The playability was a major issue with this game and one of the reasons why I didn’t fully enjoy this game. My first issue occurred right at the very beginning of the game. Season 2 would not import my Season 1 data because I didn’t have the Season 1 game installed on my system. Even though I saved the data using PS+, it wouldn’t take it so my playthrough from Season 1 was just as good as lost since I didn’t have the Season 1 disc. I was given a set of random decisions that aren’t even detailed out for you. This pretty much sucked as I walked into Season 2 blindly. Trying to overlook this, it was even harder to enjoy the game when the options on how to play kept changing back and forth between the controls and the touch screen, not to mention half the time when it changed to the touch screen they didn’t work at all making me have to restart at certain points just to be able to make my decisions. I can assure you 100% that these problems were in the game and not in my Vita which I made sure of. This made playing the game at times feel like a chore. Then there were the constant lag and pausing problems. A lot of the times I would hear what was coming next but the picture on the screen remained frozen and then had to play catch up until the next loading point. Just as with the PS3, the game lagged almost constantly with each loading screen and felt like it was going to freeze each time. I even had this problem right at the beginning of the game each time when pressing the start button. All of these things are seriously not acceptable and made the PS Vita version feel half-assed.

The graphics in this game were the same the first Season as well as the same graphics on the PS3. This was fine, I enjoy the type of graphics for this game and didn’t expect it to change. I did have a couple of issues with the graphics though. First was the placement of shadows. In certain parts of the games people’s faces would develop these weird shadows that made absolutely no sense at all. While it was absent in episode 1-2, episode 3-5 had them like crazy. It was weird and drew away from the actual game. The other thing I had a problem with was the pixels of light that would break through every once in while. This happened when you were inside a building and you would look up at where the ceiling touched the wall. In that seam there would be pixels of light coming through that made the game just seem sloppy and rushed.

The trophies for this game are the standard TellTale trophy set. Play the game and you’ll get the 40 trophies that come with the game. This is one of the games that I really don’t care about the trophies even as a trophy hunter. It’s nice to have them, but even if the game didn’t have them I would play anyway.

As always, no multiplayer for the entire game.

Overall I give this game a 2.5 out of 5

What’s Great:
+ Interesting and intense season that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

What’s Not So Great:
If you don’t have Season 1 installed on your Vita, then you can’t use your saved data.
Glitchy controls that don’t even work half of the time.
Lag and pausing problems throughout the whole game.
Sloppy graphics and animation.

It was really sad for a game series that I love as much as this one to be as bad as it was on the Vita. While I had none of these problems with Season 1 on the Vita, this one just felt like a sloppy and rushed game that was put out on the Vita because people wanted it and because it was a way to make more money. I have to say that I’m just really disappointed in this game and expected more.

SPOILERS! These are the choices that I made throughout the game my second time around.

Episode 1
• Tried to save Christa
• Killed the dog
• Didn’t accept Nick’s apology
• Gave water to the dying man
• Saved Pete

Episode 2
• Took the blame for Sarah’s photo
• Sat with Kenny at dinner.
• Told Walter the truth about Matthew
• Let Walter make up his mind about Nick

Episode 3
• Helped Sarah with her chores
• Hid Luke from Bonnie
• Tried to admit to stealing the Walkie-Talkie
• Killed the zombie that bit Sarita

Episode 4
• Saved Sarah at the trailer park
• Refused to rob Arvo
• Crawled through the ticket booth
• Did not shoot Rebecca

Episode 5
• Protected the baby
• Tried to help Luke
• Didn’t ask to leave with Mike
• Didn’t shoot Kenny
• Stayed with Kenny


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