Throwback Thursday Review – Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune is another one of America’s favorite game shows and it’s a game that I’ve been playing since it was released on Nintendo way back in the Nintendo days. Like Jeopardy, I also had a handheld version of this game as well as a Wii version but got it on the PS3 for some Wheel of Fortune fun and the trophies. Here’s what I thought about the game.

Similar to the PS3 version of Jeopardy, there is no story to this game. Every time you play it’s like you’re playing for the first time all over again. While this is fine, I mean it is just Wheel of Fortune, I feel like a little effort could have been made to give this game a little more push into being something better. Like with Jeopardy, a little “and here’s the returning champ of so many days” would have gone a long way.

This game is good for about 30 minutes to an hour worth of play time. Seriously there is no way that you could sit there and play for hours upon hours upon hours. Puzzles run into one another as it becomes the same puzzles over and over again after a certain amount of playing time. This doesn’t mean that the game isn’t fun to play, it just means that there is nothing that’s going to pull you in and want you to continue to play over and over again. There are no plot twists, no intense action scenes, it’s just Wheel of Fortune.

The playability for this game is quite simple. Spin the wheel, pick a letter, guess the puzzle, win fake money, win fake prizes, rinse, and repeat. There is nothing really extreme that has to be done in order to play this game. It’s basically the same button over and over again without much work. No brain power required for this one and if you’re having trouble with certain puzzles you can look them up in the Wheel of Fortune archive. One good thing about this game is just like Jeopardy, the game was free of bugs and glitches.

Just like Jeopardy, the graphics are copied over from the Wii version of this game but they work so I can’t complain. Everyone has enormous heads and little bodies and the Wheel of Fortune set has been cartoonized for your viewing pleasure. Simple game, simple graphics.

There are a total of 46 trophies for this game and they range from playing the game, to luck based, and multiplayer trophies. The ones you get from playing the game will start popping from the moment you start playing the game while the luck based ones are an absolute pain in the ass to get. Not to mention the multiplayer trophies which are near impossible to get.

So now for the multiplayer. The only thing I have to say is that the multiplayer is absolutely dead just like Jeopardy. Seriously if you want the trophies you have to set up a gaming system. If you happen to find someone they will most likely leave if they lose because they’re probably going for the same trophy you are. The servers are also pretty bad and there’s a lot of lag time.

Overall I give this game a 3 out of 5

What’s Great:
+ It’s Wheel of Fortune…as a game where you could play and win fake money and prizes.
+ Good for playing when you only have 30 minutes to an hour to play.

What’s Not So Great:
Bad multiplayer servers, dead multiplayer, and multiplayer trophies all add up to some frustrating times.
Nothing new from the Wii version except trophies.
Not enough puzzles since they get repeated way too often.

While I didn’t like this game as much as I liked Jeopardy, it’s still not a bad game to play. If you like watching Wheel of Fortune then you’ll like playing this game just as much.

Now that I’m finished with game shows, join me next week when I review my next platinum trophy Tearaway. I only got this game because it was dirt cheap at the time. Thank you Black Friday sales, but it soon became one of those games that I’m glad I didn’t pass up on.



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