The Walking Dead Season 1 Review (PS4)

This is most likely the last time that I’m going to be playing this game. Having already played it on the PS3 and PS Vita, I was more then eager to see how The Walking Dead Season 1 played out on the PS4. Here’s what I thought about my final playthrough.

As with the PS3 and PS Vita versions, Season 1 revolves around Lee and Clementine as they try to survive the zombie apocalypse. You’ll play as Lee, who either has the best luck in the world or the worst. I mean come on the guy is being hauled off to jail and then boom zombie apocalypse and no more jail, but there are zombies. I guess you really can’t have it all, but you’ll now be in charge of Clementine. You’ll meet her in the first few minutes of the game and for the rest of the game it’ll be up to you to take care of her and make decisions that you think are best for her.

Throughout the game you’ll also be introduced to a variety of other characters. Some of them you’ll form friendships with and some you won’t. Some people will downright hate you and you’ll probably hate them to, but you’ll have to work together in order to survive. Will you try hard to keep your group together or will you let them crumble from the inside and eventually turn against each other? The choice is up to you on how you play it.

It’s been just about a year since I’ve played this game on the PS Vita, so while it was still familiar it was also sort of new. I was still really into this game as I played even though I knew what was going to happen. I was even able to catch a few things that I didn’t in my previous two playthroughs. Playing through this game again also made me see just how much I truly enjoy this game series. Not only is it engaging, but it also pulls at your emotions. You don’t get the happy ending your expecting, you get pure heart break, but it’s what you can expect when the world turns to crap and the dead are up and walking.

I was pleasantly surprised at the playability of this game. There were a bunch of improvements from the PS3 version of this game. Gone were the slow loading times and glitchy movements. The game no longer stalled when trophies popped and I was truly impressed at the improvements with this game. The only thing that disappointed me a little was that the touch pad on the PS4 controller wasn’t used. I at least expected it to be used during the quick time cinematics where you have to move left, right, up, or down. This isn’t a big deal though and doesn’t make this game lose any points for me.

While the graphics were the same as the PS3 and PS Vita version, I found the graphics to be a little more crisp on the PS4. This is one of the games that Telltale excel’s at because of the comic style graphics. This game is based on the comic book version of The Walking Dead and the graphics show that. This doesn’t mean that every game has to have these types of graphics just because it works for this game.

There are a total of 49 trophies for this game. 41 from the actual game and then another 8 for the 400 days DLC. Each of the trophies, with the exception of some DLC trophies, are gained just by playing the game. Play through all 5 episodes and you’ll have a new platinum trophy for your hard work. If you bought the retail version of this game then you’re in luck because the 400 Days DLC is included. Play through the DLC and you’ll also have those trophies so you can have a 100% completion on the whole game. Only 2 trophies in the DLC will require you to do something besides playing the story but they aren’t hard to get. If you mess up you can always go back and replay those stories again.

Kudos for no multiplayer!

Overall I give this game a 5 out of 5

What’s Great:
+ Captivating story that will make you keep playing.
+ Interesting characters that only enhance game play.
+ Gone were the lag times, slow loading times, and glitchy gameplay.

What’s Not So Great:
I really can’t think of anything that I didn’t like or would want changed.

If you haven’t played this game yet and you’re wondering what console you should buy it on, you should definitely play it on the PS4. This version is more enhanced and a lot of the problems that plagued the PS3 version are gone. If you’ve already played this game, I would even suggest picking it up and playing it again on the PS4. Not for the trophies, but for the actual game itself. This is one of those games that shouldn’t be passed up and is very much worth it to play again.

SPOILERS! Below are all of the choices that I made throughout the game. I tried to mix things up as much as possible from my previous two playthroughs.

The Walking Dead Season 1The Walking Dead Season 1The Walking Dead Season 1The Walking Dead Season 1The Walking Dead Season 1The Walking Dead Season 1The Walking Dead Season 1The Walking Dead Season 1The Walking Dead Season 1The Walking Dead Season 1


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