The Wolf Among Us Review (PS Vita)

I played this game once already this year on my PS3 and thought it was pretty bad ass so when I noticed it was on sale for Black Friday, I decided to pick it up and give it a try for the Vita. I think one of the reasons why I enjoy this game so much is because it’s like Once Upon a Time but just grittier. Anyway, here’s what I thought about the Vita version.

Just like the PS3 version, this game revolves around Bigby Wolf. Yes, he’s the Big Bad Wolf but in Fabletown he’s the sheriff. You’ll play as Bigby as he tries to uncover the mysterious and gruesome murders of two prostitutes Faith and Lilly. Following this case and trying to find the murderer will only lead Bigby down an even more complicated path filled with twists and turns eventually uncovering a lot more then just who committed these murders. Throughout the game you’ll have interactions with different fable’s, some who you might know and some who you might not. Each of them have their own stories to tell and haven’t exactly been on easy street while making the transition from fable to normal person. In the end, what you do and say will make your fellow fables decide how they feel about you. Will they still see you as the Big Bad Wolf or will they just see you as the new sheriff? The choice is yours in this interactive story from Telltale.

As much as I couldn’t get enough of the game on the PS3, it was the same with the Vita version. I remembered the story well enough but it still felt new and just as interesting as the first time I played it. It was enjoyable to revisit Fabletown and change around my decisions to see how the other fables would now react to Bigby. I did see a difference in the way that Bigby was treated, but ultimately things seemed to be pretty much the same as they were the first time I played.

I felt a little trepidation going into this game after the experience that I had with The Walking Dead Season 2 on the vita. I hated thinking that this game would probably be the same since they were released around the same time meaning they were probably in production around the same time. What I found was that some things changed but some things stayed the same. The controls didn’t switch back and forth on me from touch screen to controls and I was able to just use the controls the whole time and not the touch screen. Even though that wasn’t a problem, the lag time and glitchy loading times were a major problem with this game. Sometimes it took anywhere from 2-3 minutes for the game to load the next scene. During some of this time I would hear what was going on but the game would be stuck on loading and then would have to spend the next few minutes playing catch up. This was annoying and made those parts in the game annoying. Action scenes were laggy and slow making me miss some of the action buttons and ultimately caused me to not have the scene play out the way I wanted it to.

Boo! As much as I love Telltale games, it’s becoming a little tiring the way that they perform. If the game isn’t up to standards and isn’t performing well then it shouldn’t be released on that platform plain and simple. Get your games to work as flawlessly as possible before releasing them. People will wait for a Vita version!

The graphics were the exact same as on the PS3 which is fine because I didn’t expect it to change. I liked the graphics on the PS3 and I liked them on the Vita. The only graphical problem I had was with that damn border around the screen. I have no idea why the hell Telltale thinks adding this to the Vita version is a good thing. The screen is small enough that I don’t need the border acting as a distraction during the game.

There are a total of 36 trophies for this game and they’re an exact copy from the PS3 version. If you already played this on the PS3 then you know how to unlock all of the Librarian trophies which are the only ones that are missable throughout the whole game. If not, you can take a look at each of my reviews for the PS3 and see how to get those trophies:

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5

After completing all of these trophies you’ll walk away with a brand new platinum trophy to add to your list.

No multiplayer for this game as always.

Overall I give this game a 4 out of 5

What’s Great:
+ Interesting story that will keep you playing.
+ An interesting take on characters that you may already know from other fairytales.

What’s Not So Great:
Glitchy and laggy gameplay that plagues just about every Telltale game.
That damn border around certain scenes. It isn’t even consistent!

If you’re going to play this game I would suggest picking it up on the PS3 instead of on the Vita. This is truly a pretty awesome game and if it’s your first time playing it you deserve to play a better version of it. I do have to say though that they way it ended I’m expecting a Season 2 which hopefully happens soon.

SPOILERS! Below are the choices that I made throughout the game.

Episode 1
• Gave Faith money
• Stayed out of Beauty and Beast’s problems
• Decided to help Prince Lawrence first
• Prevented Prince Lawrence’s death
• Pointed the finger at Faith’s pimp for murder
• Arrested Tweedle Dee

Episode 2
• Sympathized with Crane
• Persuaded Tweedle Dee to talk
• Let Snow decide to come to the Trip Trap
• Didn’t hit Georgie
• Never had Beast at my mercy

Episode 3
• Didn’t interrupt Snow
• Investigated Crane’s apartment first
• Made a deal with Jack
• Offered Flycatcher a job
• Didn’t burn Greenleaf’s tree
• Didn’t kill Tweedle Dum

Episode 4
• Decided to not send Colin to the farm
• Did not try to remove Nerissa’s ribbon
• Went to the Lucky Pawn first
• Decided Toad should not go to the farm
• Responded to the Crooked Man by lighting a cigarette

Episode 5
• Left Georgie to die
• Gave the Crooked Man a trial
• Threw the Crooked Man down the Witching Well
• Accepted T.J’s gift for Snow
• Told Nerissa “I hope I’ve done some good here”



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