Road Not Taken Review (PS4)

One of the free games that PS+ had to offer, I really didn’t think much of this game at first. It looked interesting enough that it would hold my attention for a few hours, but I really wasn’t expecting the kind of game that it actually is. Here’s what I thought about the game.

Road Not Taken puts you in the role of Ranger and as Ranger you’ll have to venture out into the forest each winter to find children who were separated from their mothers while collecting berries. You’ll spend the next 15 years as Ranger rescuing the villages children and each year the path of the forest changes. New objects will appear and things get more difficult as time progresses.

If you really dig into the story of this game you’ll see how messed up it is. This village is sending children out into the forest each winter to collect berries in order to extend their own lives. The people in the village don’t care how dangerous the forest is or that each year children get lost and die if you don’t rescue them. Rescue only half of the children one year and you’ll get a response of “Oh well” from the Mayor. What kind of village is this!

Kudos: A huge kudos is in order for the Spry Fox team for the story of this game. You wouldn’t think it since it’s really a small puzzle game, but there is an actual story in this game. Not only that but they let you live out your life as the Ranger how ever you choose to live it out.

This game will keep you playing for hours upon hours and months upon months. Seriously this game is highly addictive, not only for the story but for the puzzling gameplay itself. Each section in the forest is a different puzzle that you have to solve and it’s always changing no matter how many times you play. While the first training level is similar each time, the other levels aren’t. You have to play a hell of a lot of times to get duplicate levels further into the game.

Kudos: Now I rarely give out two Kudos for one game, but I just had to give this one. I absolutely loved the added touch of putting the poem Road Not Taken into the Rangers house next to the bed. If you continue to bump into the bedside table over and over again you’ll see the whole poem in its entirety. This has to be one of my favorite poems of all time and was pleasantly surprised to see this easter egg in the game.

The playability of this game is super simple. All you have to do is move your character around, pick things up, put them down, and throw things. Other then that the only real thing that’s needed is some extra brain power for the puzzles. While this game had it’s fair share of glitches, banned objects still showed up, there were a few errors while going through the forest, and sometimes village characters would duplicate if you married them, it’s good to see that the team is still updating this game and working of fixing it. None of the glitches that I encountered were game breaking. This game never froze or crashed even once which is actually a pretty good thing seeing as how many games, AAA games, actually do this.

The graphics on this game are actually really detailed and sell suited for this type of game. Cartoon like in nature, the graphics were pretty awesome on the PS4. Every single object was super detailed and just added to the feel of the entire game. Everything from the village, to the forest, to the people living in the village, and to the objects in the forest were just spot on and truly beautiful. It was a job well done in the graphics department.

As for trophies, there are only 20 of them and no platinum. That doesn’t mean that these are going to be easy trophies. The trophies for this game are Ultra Rare. I’m talking about 0.1% Ultra Rare. It’s no easy feat to get all of the trophies for this game, but with a little hard work and determination it can be done. Like with the rest of the game, even the trophies were done right. Each trophy has an original graphic that is fitting for the game. These trophies had a lot more originality put into them then some other games that I’ve been playing recently.

You’ll have to enjoy this game solo as there is no multiplayer or co-op for this game. This is one of many games where you really don’t need those modes anyway so I’m glad they weren’t just thrown in there for no reason except to sell more games.

Overall I give this game a 4.5 out of 5

What’s Great:
+ Unexpected story that’s kinda messed up and interesting at the same time.
+ Ever changing puzzles offers different gameplay each time.
+ Simple gameplay that just requires brain power.
+ Fitting graphics that are detailed and worthy of the PS4.

What’s Not So Great:
A few minor bugs and glitches that are being fixed.

If you’ve been putting off playing this game since it was free on PS+, then stop. This game seriously deserves your attention and was one of my favorite games that I played last year. If you missed out on it while it was free, I would still recommend picking this up. This is a really cool game to add to your collection and worthy of it’s price tag.


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