The Problem with Episode Based Games

As you probably already know, I love games like The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us. The only problem I have with these types of games is that they’re initially released as episodes. While there’s nothing wrong with games that are episode based, these games allow you to play an interactive story in a short amount of time, the only problem I have is that there really isn’t any kind of consistency when it comes to the release dates.

The lack of consistency with the release dates is a pretty big problem with these types of games. The time it takes for each episode comes out only takes away from the game. The majority of gamers aren’t even going to remember what happened the last time that they played an episode of one of these games as they play other games and wait for these episodes to come out. Take Tales from the Borderlands for example. The first episode was released November 25th, but the second episode doesn’t even have a release date. It’s been over two months already and to be honest I really can’t even remember all that much about the first episode. The same goes for Game of Thrones. I know the new episode releases today, but I’m basically clueless when it comes to the story line of the game and what’s going on.

Another problem that goes along with the lack of consistency with the release date is that many people, myself included, have already paid for season passes. I’ve shelled out the $19.99 and the $24.99 for Tales from the Borderlands and Game of Thrones only to have played 1 episode of each game without even knowing any kind of time frame for the other episodes. This makes me think that the games aren’t being held for suspense reasons or to give time between episodes, but because these episodes haven’t even been made. So now buying a season pass means that I’m paying for these games to be developed? Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Companies develop games, getting the money however they get their money, and then I pay for the game giving companies their well earned money for a great game. Buying these season passes are making me feel like I’m supporting a Kickstarter operation that needs more funds to complete the game.

Kudos: A kudos has to be given for the Life is Strange team. The first episode came out this past Friday as well as a steady release date schedule. This is a major bonus and makes for a good argument to actually buy the season pass. Only time will tell if they actually stick to this schedule, but at least they’re giving something other then the standard “Coming Soon…”

Final Verdict? I’m kind of done with these season passes for episode based games, especially games from TellTale. Although I’m always eager to play these types of games and they turn out to be some of my favorites, I can’t see spending my hard earned money on just a piece of a game until the other pieces are released without even knowing some kind of release date. I’ll be fine getting the game once it comes out on disc and then playing when it’s convenient for me.


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  1. The sole reason I haven’t ventured into Westoros in Telltales Game of Thrones adaptation is the lack of accessibility to further adavancing the story. I’d rather wait for the complete narrative before I invest time in it.

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