Are Collectors Editions Worth The Hefty Price Tag?

Remember when there was just one edition of the game that you wanted? It was the standard edition that everyone who bought the game got. You got a disc and if you were lucky an instruction manual, did anyone ever really even read those? Anyway, lately it seems like just about every single game now has some sort of collectors editions available for them. While collectors editions are nice and offer a bunch of extras, are they really worth the hefty price tags that are being asked for them?

These collectors editions are ranging anywhere from $69.99 all the way up to $399.99. Seriously sometimes enough is enough though. $399.99 is an insane amount of money to spend on a collectors edition and I know that most of you know that I’m talking about the Borderlands collectors edition coming out for the PS4. Is a motorized Claptrap really worth all that extra money when you can buy yourself at least 6 brand new games for the same price? Don’t get me wrong, I think a motorized Claptrap that you can control with your iPad and do all this other cool stuff with is pretty damn awesome. I seen the videos of it in action and totally geeked out over it, but not enough that I’m going to spend that kind of money on the collectors edition of a game that I already have.

Some of the collectors editions feel like they’re not even worth the price tag when all you get offered is a couple of pieces of DLC along with maybe a steelbook case and some other extras thrown in. If you’re going to make a collectors edition you have to do it right and make the person buying it feel like it’s special and not just a way for your game company to get more money. When I think of collectors editions that do this, Call of Duty immediately comes to mind. Sure it offers the season pass which is a bunch of value in itself if you’re going to purchase every single Call of Duty DLC but what else are you getting for $120? A bunch of in game items that you can really take or leave.

Now the collectors editions that are some of my favorites of course include some kind of statue or quality game action figure. Personally they are really the only collectors editions that interest me because at least you actually have something to show for it. My favorite has to be the Uncharted 3 collectors edition that featured a bunch of actual goodies as well as a Nathan Drake statue. This was a pretty cool collectors edition and the statue was just amazing. If I’m going to shell out any extra money on a collectors edition, it has to have a statue with it, if not it just doesn’t feel worth it.

While collectors editions are flashy and attention getters because they’re collectors editions, I have a few rules to live buy when it comes to deciding if you’re going to spend your hard earned money on these expensive things. Rule 1. Unless the collectors edition is extremely cheap, only buy the collectors edition for the games that you love and are a must have for you. Rule 2. Make sure the collectors edition comes with some sort of actual substance like a statue. Lastly, Rule 3. Do not spend more then $40 extra on a collectors edition. I know that they’re tempting to get and you can own a piece of the game with some of them, but they really aren’t worth more then $40 no matter how you justify it. Think of it this way if you buy a collectors edition for $120 just because it has a statue or whatever in it, you could have easily just gotten two brand new games instead.


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