Does Anyone Use The Instruction Manuals That Come With Games?

Instruction manuals are something that comes with every single game. Maybe it’s not an actual manual included with the packaging anymore, but there is a manual that you can now access in game in place of that paper manual. Even though it’s something that comes with all games, does anyone actually read them or use them?

To be honest, I can’t remember the last instruction manual for a game that I actually sat down and read. I’ve glanced through a few of them every now and again because they come with the game, or I’ve had to search one or two for an online access code, but other then that I really don’t use them or even see a need to actually use them. Most of the information that I need for a game is in the actual game itself. Everything else I usually like to figure out myself.

After a quick search through games that I’m currently playing, I looked to see which game had the thickest and most lengthiest instruction manual. I was able to find this in LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham which I am so very close to getting the platinum. So, let’s see what’s actually inside of this “instruction manual.”

Instructions on how to turn on your PS4 and how to insert the disc.
Instructions on how to start and quit the game
Instructions on how to remove the disc.
Control diagrams and explanation about controls.
Legal crap.

If you need to use this instruction manual to turn on your PS4 and perform basic operations with your system, then you are in some serious trouble. Other then that everything in the manual are things that you’ll find out how to use in game. Throughout the game you have tips and prompts that tell you everything you need to know about playing the game making this manual absolutely useless.

In conclusion, I wouldn’t waste my time looking through the instruction manuals for games unless you really really have to. Everything that you need to know is probably going to be in the game already so instead of looking through the manual and taking time away from gaming, just play the game.


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