Throwback Thursday Review – Smart As (PS Vita)

This is one of those games that I would have never really looked at if it wasn’t free for PS+ subscribers. Before hearing about it because of PS+, I didn’t even know that this game existed. I was however eager to play this game once it was released. Being a fan of games like Brain Age, here’s what I thought about Smart As.

There is no story for this game and this is one of those games where you don’t need one. This game is all about training your brain and improving your brain score. You have everything from daily training all the way up to specific brain challenges and location challenges.

Side Note: Once the PS Vita gets rid of the Near feature next month, I’m not really sure if you’ll be able to complete the location challenges. If you’re going to play this game I would suggest doing the location stuff now.

How much you play this game is really up to you. You can play the quick daily challenge of you can challenge yourself by playing the different brain games as much as you want. For me it just depended on how much time I had. If I only had 10-15 minutes I just did the daily challenge, if I had more time then I played the other brain games.

The playability is super simple for this game and just requires you to use the touch screen of the PS Vita. Each game is explained before you play so there shouldn’t be a problem there. This game was thankfully bug and glitch free so you should have a smooth playthrough each time you play.

The graphics for the game are pretty simple but they work for the game since it’s not really about the graphics it’s about improving your overall brain score. That’s the thing about graphics. They could be simple or complex, but they have to work for the game.

There are a total of 29 trophies for this game including an platinum trophy. The trophies are pretty simple and just require you to play the game. Don’t worry about getting the trophies for playing on genius difficulty because you’ll naturally level up to the genius level of each different brain game. The only trophies I would worry about getting are the ones that require you to get stars in the Street Smart games since this feature may or may not work once Near is taken out of the PS Vita.

While there is no multiplayer for this game, you do have to connect online to access the Street Smart games. At times the server that runs this is glitchy and it takes a little while to get connected. Sometimes it won’t even work at all which is annoying and will require you to reset your game so that it can detect a connection.

Overall I give this game a 3.5 out of 5

What’s Great:
+ Brain training is fun if you’re nerdy. (Which I totally am.)
+ Nice use of the PS Vita touch screen.
+ Gives you the option to play a lot or a little.

What’s Not So Great:
Online connection isn’t so great.
Get’s a little repetitive after a while

While I had a fun time playing this and improving my brain score, this isn’t a game that I kept playing after I got the platinum. This game shouldn’t be that expensive, but if you didn’t get it for free I would probably pass on it.

Since this was the last platinum trophy Throwback Thursday review, join me next week for my first game that I completed with 100% of the trophies that had no platinum PAC-MAN Champion Edition DX. Not only did I get this game because it was free but because of my love for PAC-MAN. I’ve been playing PAC-MAN for over 20 years on different consoles so I was interested to see how this game held up to my PAC-MAN expectations.


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