Being A Trophy Hunter While Not Being A Trophy Hunter

While trophy hunting is a very enjoyable hobby of mine that allows me to also partake in gaming which, who knew, is also another hobby of mine, that doesn’t mean that I let it get the best of me. What this means is that even though I consider myself to be a trophy hunter, I have one very important rule that I live by. While this rule allows me to be a trophy hunter, it also doesn’t allow me to be a trophy hunter.

This one and only rule that I have is pretty simple and it’s to only play games that I really want to play. It doesn’t matter if it has an easy trophy list or not, if it’s something that I don’t want to play then I’m not going to play it. Doing this allows me to play as many games as possible and to hunt and collect trophies, but it ensures that I don’t play a game just for the trophy list or just because I want another 20-30 trophies to add to my profile. This tiny little rule makes sure that I only play games that I know I’m going to enjoy which in turn makes trophy hunting fun.

While there’s nothing wrong with playing games just for the trophies, it’s just not something that I want to do. It’s also something that I would think would turn me away from trophy hunting. If I played game after game that I just had to push through and I didn’t want to play but I was playing it because I wanted some extra trophies it would fee like work. What fun is gaming if it feels like work? I’ve known a couple of people like this and while they racked up a bunch of trophies, they also stopped gaming after a while too. Not wanting to game just feels weird to me, but that what happens when you play for the wrong reasons.

To be honest with you, I was never really into trophies when I first got my PS3. Sure they popped up every now and again while I was playing a game but they weren’t my main focus. My main focus was playing a game that I wanted to play. All that mattered was that I was doing something that I enjoyed. Getting platinum trophies and completing games was just something that came afterwards, but it’s always been about the game itself and not the trophies.

So, yes I am a trophy hunter but you will never see Hannah Montana: The Movie on my trophy profile because it’s simply not a game that I would ever want to play. While you won’t see this game on my profile, you’ll see The Walking Dead on there three times because that game was a game that I really enjoyed and wanted to play over and over again.


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