Murdered: Soul Suspect Review (PS4)

This was one of many games that I wanted to play last year but decided to wait until a sale came along to pick it up. I picked up this little gem of a game (total sarcasm and you’ll see why) at a very discounted price, brand new, and just couldn’t wait to play it. This game had all the right ingredients, a murder mystery, ghosts, mediums, and demons. How could this game not be good! You’ll just have to keep reading to see.

In Murdered: Soul Suspect you play as Ronan, recently murdered police detective. Ronan’s been on the case of the Bell Killer and was about to get his man when he himself became the Bell Killer’s latest victim. Unable to move on to the afterlife, Ronan has to solve his own murder as well as the Bell Killer’s other murders in order to move on and finally get to be with his late wife again. All of this takes place in the town of Salem, known famously for its 1692 Witch Trials. The history of this town plays a major part in the game and will lead to unlocking who and why the Bell Killer actually kills.

While this game had a good overall premise, the plot was the reason I had originally wanted the game, it just didn’t deliver on so many fronts. Each time I played seriously became a chore and I was never really able to get into the game. Nothing made me think “Oh I can’t wait to see where this goes!” or “I can’t believe that just happened!” Nothing. Throughout the whole game. This was just disappointing. There was even a surprise twist at the end but by that time I could really care less and wanted the game to be over.

The characters in the game are just way under developed and really have no depth. Even Ronan, your main character is just blah. He’s an ex-con turned police detective because his brother in law didn’t want a criminal marrying his sister. The background story is just very unbelievable on so many fronts that it doesn’t even make sense. To tell the truth, Ronan felt like a cheap rip off of Cole from L.A. Noire and the second main character Joy felt like a cheap rip off of Fetch from inFAMOUS: Second Son. I credit the under developed and unlikable characters to most of the reason why this game didn’t work. Why do you care who killed Ronan if you don’t even care about him as a character?

The overall playability of this game is just weird. It plays out like a really long and drawn out version of a Telltale game. Although this game was classified as an action-adventure game it really wasn’t. It was more of a point and click type of game where the choices you made through dialogue really had no impact on anything since you had to pick all of the options anyway. Since you were a ghost you were able to walk through certain walls, a really lame reason is given in the game on why you can’t walk through all walls, and you have certain “ghost” powers. These ghost powers, such as teleport, are very glitchy. Almost all of the time teleport had to be lined up exactly for it to actually work. When you’re just trying to play the game and get it over with this can become very frustrating. While there were no game breaking bugs or glitches in this game there was a glitch where throughout the whole game my objective to “Exit the Attic” stayed the same no matter where in the game I was. It didn’t do anything to the game, but it annoyed me since I couldn’t see my most recent objective then. Because of this I didn’t know what the hell I was supposed to be doing half of the time.

The graphics for this game are mediocre at best. They don’t hold up to what PS4 graphics should be and I’m sure if I would have played it on the PS3 it would have been an exact replica. Nothing seemed special about the graphics and nothing made them stand out. I was never impressed with them at any point during the game. They were just lackluster like the rest of the game. Not to mention that half the time the settings were all extremely dark. So dark that you could barely see anything at all. I’m pretty sure that this was used as a scare tactic since most of the time when the setting was this dark there was the creepy music in the background. Seriously? If you’re making a horror game then make it genuinely scary. The creepy music and the dark setting don’t do it for me and it annoys me more then anything.

There are a total of 49 trophies to get for this game. It’s not a lot but it requires a lot of work. The trophies range from playing the game and finishing the story to helping out other ghosts in need of a detective to help them move on. Then there are the collectibles. The collectibles are used as tools to tell other stories within the game but they just become a pain in the ass to collect since you have to collect 173 of them. If you’re going for the collectible trophies make sure you get all of the collectibles before going onto the final mission since once you do the final mission it’s game over. You can start a new game and your collectibles will still be kept track of but there is a catch. Unless you know exactly what collectibles you were missing you’ll have to collect them all over again since the game keeps track of it, but it doesn’t show that it does.

I wouldn’t have been even able to stand a multiplayer mode for this game so luckily there isn’t one. I could only imagine how horrific it would have been if there was one.

Overall I give this game a 1 out of 5

What’s Great Good OK:
+ The plot had potential to be good.

What’s Not So Great:
Overall story does not deliver.
Underdeveloped and unlikable characters.
Glitchy ghost powers.
Dark settings and cheap scare tactics.
Underwhelming graphics

I don’t give games a 1 out of 5 rating lightly. I think that I’m pretty nice when it comes to giving reviews and I always try to see the best that a game has to offer, but I just couldn’t with this game. There was nothing remotely good that could even try and redeem this game. Save yourself the misery of actually playing this game yourself and definitely skip this one. This game is so bad that I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.


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