Throwback Thursday Review – Machinarium (PS3)

This was one of those rare times when a friend recommended this game to me and I didn’t pick it up. It’s not that I didn’t want to play the game, because I did, I just didn’t want to spend the money to play the game. I finally got my chance to play though when this game became available for free thanks to PS+. Here’s what I thought about the game.

In Machinarium you play as a little robot that is basically down on his luck. You’ll have to repair him in order for him to go on and become the hero of this game. Not only are the villains of this game trying to blow up the city, but they also stole your robots little robot girlfriend. What the hell man! So, not only will you have to save the city from destruction but you’ll have to save your girlfriend as well.

I was so immersed in this little point and click adventure game that I played it straight through without interruption. I fully enjoyed the cute little story that went along with the game and was eager to see how it would all end. While the game as a whole was pretty short, it did its job and entertained for the entire game. This was one of those games where if it had been longer I would have lost interest in it and would have just been eager for it to end not caring about the story. Some games are just made to be short and there’s nothing wrong with that.

The playability of this game is simple and all you have to do is point and click in a certain order to get quests done. This game also requires some brain power as some times things won’t work out how you want them to and you might get stuck. Quests are pretty easy to figure out, but if you don’t want to actually think you could always find a walkthrough that will take you through the whole game. The only complaint I have in the playability department is that point and click games are a little awkward when playing with the PS3. That might not be a problem for everyone though.

I really liked the graphics for this game. They were fitting for the game as a whole and enhanced the whole playing experience. The Machinarium world was beautifully created and it showed with the amount of detail that went into the graphics. As usual with smaller games, I don’t expect much graphic wise going into the game but was once again very pleasantly surprised.

There are a total of 12 trophies for this game. All you have to do to get the trophies is just play the game. This is one of those games where I really didn’t care about the trophies. I enjoyed playing and the trophies were just an added bonus.

Have I mentioned how much I absolutely love games with no multiplayer? I think they’re the best. Sometimes game experiences aren’t meant to be shared and are solely for the ONE person playing it.

Overall I give this game a 4.5 out of 5.

What’s Great:
+ Cute little story that’s well thought out and has meaning.
+ Short but sweet.
+ Nice graphics that were fitting for the game as a whole

What’s Not So Great:
Point and click games are a little awkward to play with the PS3

This is one of the games that I really enjoyed when I played it. It’s one of those rare and unexpected games that turns out to be a lot better then some of the AAA games that are out there. I would recommend getting this game and at least giving it a try.

Ah, the great memories that come with next week’s Throwback Thursday Review for Critter Crunch. So as always I got talked into buying this game because it was on sale for only 50 cents! How could you pass that up! I was going to totally pass it up. “Buy it and play with me,” my one time friend said so I did, and we played until she got pissed at me because she couldn’t beat me and then we never played it again. Did I mention that we’re no longer friends? I have to learn to stop being so nice.


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