The Order: 1886 Review (PS4)

Since this game was my most anticipated game of February, I decided to push this game to the head of my video game line and play this as soon as I got done with Sparkle 2. Those poor other games, waiting so patiently for me to play but here I go and toss The Order: 1886 on top of everything else. I’ve been excited for this game ever since it was announced. The story looked great, the graphics looked great, just everything about it got me super excited. After finally getting a chance to play, here’s what I thought about the game.

In this game you play as Sir Galahad member of the Knights. As a Knight it’s your responsibility to keep the world safe from the lycans that are currently plaguing London. What seems like a day to day operation soon turns into so much more as Sir Percival, Senior Knight, links the recent occurrence of lycans with anti-government insurgency. From there you’ll be torn between two worlds. Do you trust The Order that you’ve been sworn to or do you turn your back on just about everything you know and trust the Rebels?

I really enjoyed the story of this game and was fully immersed in it. During the game I wasn’t sure who could be trusted and who couldn’t and it made the ending even more enjoyable as things were wrapped up nicely but also left open for a sequel. (Just as a side note, if there is a sequel, I would absolutely love to play as Lady Igrane. She was totally bad ass and it would be nice to see everything through her perspective.) I like the way this alternate 1886 London was portrayed and I genuinely enjoyed the characters in this game. Not too much is said about Galahad’s past or who he is, but it’s not really necessary. That’s not the point of this game. The conspiracy that takes place during the game is the main story so I wasn’t really expecting all that much personal character interaction.

Even though you only play as one character it’s hard not to enjoy the other characters around you. Lady Igrane had to be my favorite character throughout the whole game. I love by how the end of the game she becomes this woman scorned after the events that take place which is why I really would like to play her in the next game, if of course there is one. I was a little disappointed though that you only got to play Galahad. The way the other characters are all promoted I thought you would be able to play them but sadly you weren’t. Although I enjoyed the game, this would have made it just a bit more interesting.

And now to touch on the game’s length just like everyone else. I can confirm that the game was short compared to other recent releases, but I will say that it didn’t leave me wanting for more. The story that was told within that time was a complete one and nothing was left on a cliff hanger. Not once did the story lag in any way or become boring making the length of the game perfect for the story that was told. If the game had been longer, I could see it becoming boring and drawn out.

The playability of this game was pretty sweet. While there were some little missteps here and there when going in and out of cover, everything else was pretty flawless. The gunplay was some of the best that I’ve seen in a while and I really enjoyed it. The whole game played and felt like a movie going in and out of cut scenes without loading or any pauses. The only real problem I had was with the insta fail when it came to the sneaking around scenes. The quick time scenes were nice throughout the game and were fitting, but just not in the stealth scenes. Press triangle at the wrong time and you get shot in the head. That also means you have to start back at your original checkpoint making me not a happy camper at times. I didn’t see any bugs or glitches while I played this game and was pleasantly surprised.

Now for the graphics. They were just amazing for this game. Everyone and everything in 1886 London looked and felt real. There was just so much attention to detail that at times during the cut scenes, it didn’t feel like a game. It seriously felt like a movie. These graphics were just a total win when it came to this game and everything about them made you feel like you were actually in the game.

The trophy list wasn’t really all that great for this game with only 22 trophies. At least it’s a really easy platinum and most of the trophies will just come to you naturally throughout the course of the game. Even though there was nothing to really brag about trophy wise I enjoyed that there weren’t a bunch of trophies that I had to go back and get besides the collectible ones. I will warn you that the collectibles are kind of a pain to get since the only ones that are tracked are the Phonographs. My suggestion would be to keep track of what you collected yourself to save you the trouble of replaying the whole game. That way you can go back through chapter select and just grab the ones you still need. The light trophy list helps you concentrate on the overall story of the game and not about getting trophies.

No multiplayer for this game because single player games rock.

Overall I give this game a 4.5 out of 5

What’s Great:
+ Interesting story that concludes nicely and leaves the game open for a sequel.
+ Interesting characters that add to the story.
+ Nice playability with practically no loading times, bugs, or glitches.
+ Beautiful graphics that enhance the game and bring you into the 1886 London that was created.

What’s Not So Great:
Getting in and out of cover at times was a little wonky and didn’t function all that well.
Insta fail stealth scenes lead to some frustrating times.

I thought that this game was pretty great and after Murdered: Soul Suspect, this was just the game that I needed. It had a perfect balance between a detective game and a straight up shooter game. I can see this game being on my top 10 favorite games for this year even though it’s basically a one time play type of game. I would defiantly recommend picking this game up and giving it a try. Even if you don’t want to pay full price for it I can see picking this game up used since you don’t need any multiplayer codes for it or anything else besides the actual game.



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