DLC As A Timed Exclusive

Console wars have been a thing for such a long time now that it is seriously getting just tiresome with each company trying desperately to one up the other company time and time again. What makes it even more ridiculous is this now overused concept of “timed exclusives.” Not only does it affect releases of full games like Rise of the Tomb Raider, because boo-hoo Microsoft doesn’t have anything to compete with Uncharted, but it also affects DLC releases as well.

I was genuinely excited about the new Jaws of Hakkon DLC that was announced for Dragon Age: Inquisition but was then totally bummed out when I heard that it was going to be available on Xbox and PC first with the official word of a PS4 release date being to “just stay tuned to our social channels for more news.” So now I have to wait for DLC because I chose to buy a PS4 instead of an Xbox One? Sure, this DLC could be out for the PS4 tomorrow or by next week, but this also means that it could take weeks before it comes out for the PS4. Take all of the DLC for Skyrim for example. How long did it take for the DLC to be released on PS3 when people were already playing it on the 360? Since I was a late bloomer when it came to Skyrim, I only had to wait a month before getting all of the DLC, but that doesn’t make it right for PS3 owners who bought this game the same time as 360 owners and then had to wait all that time for extra content.

This isn’t the first or even the last time this is going to happen either. Since I’m not a big Call of Duty DLC fan, I really don’t follow all of the DLC releases, but year after year, all Call of Duty DLC comes out on Xbox first before releasing on Playstation. This is supposed to be fair for all of those Playstation users who drop tons of money on season passes for DLC?

I don’t even think it’s fair that Xbox has to wait a day to get the next episode releases for Telltale games. People who purchased season passes for games like Tales from the Borderlands, Games of Thrones, or some of the many other Telltale releases should get the episodes when they’re released, not the next day because they have a console other then Playstation.

This whole thing with DLC being timed exclusives for consoles is just childish especially because it isn’t even for a full game it’s just for some extra content. If the people at Microsoft think that people are going to run out and buy themselves an Xbox One just because they get some Dragon Age: Inquisition content and Call of Duty content before PS4, then I think that they are sorely mistaken. But when it comes to the blame for this I can’t just blame Microsoft or Sony, I have to blame the game developer as well. They’re the ones that give this the OK basically saying that they think one system is better then the other and clearly you should be playing their game on that system. If a game is going to be exclusive to one console then it should be an all or nothing deal instead of it being that everyone can have the game on release day but then some people are going to have to wait longer then others to purchase DLC.


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