Throwback Thursday Review – Welcome Park (PS Vita)

The only reason why I even played this…well we’ll just call it a game for now, is because it already came with my Vita as it does with any Vita that you buy. Why it even comes with the Vita, I really don’t know and why this thing even has trophies is another mystery. After spending way too much time on this trying to get 100% of the trophies, here’s what I thought about it.

There is no story for this thing, go figure, and I really can’t even classify this as a game. It’s basically a tutorial app for anyone that has never used a device with a camera or a touch screen. Could this have been something more then just a tutorial app? Sure, but it just goes to show that not a lot of thought was put into this thing.

I could never really get into this since it was just a bunch of tutorials thrown together that I really didn’t need. Just like with any game or game console, you can basically learn everything there is about it by just using it and playing different games. I really didn’t see a reason to have this specific tutorial with trophies already pre-loaded onto the system. Not only does it take up memory but if you start it once and don’t want to play anymore you end up with a big old 0% on your trophy list for something that isn’t even a game. There are 7 different mini games and each of them requires you to beat the set goal time. Some of them are easy and some of them are hard.

Because this is on the Vita and it’s an app that revolves around using all of the Vita’s features, it’s not at all easy to play. As with any touch screen device, it can be very fickle and at times it made this app frustrating to use. You can press stuff on the screen sometimes but that doesn’t mean that it’s registering it and if your fingers brush up against the back touch screen then at times it doesn’t know which one to register for the movements.

The graphics are pretty basic and while it works for this app, they just seem thrown together so that there was something on the system to show you how to use the Vita. Of course the graphics weren’t supposed to be spectacular and mind blowing, but they could have had just a little bit more work done with them.

There are 13 trophies for this app. While some are super simple to get other’s are frustrating but all they require you to do is play on the app and beat the set times for the games. There are two trophies that are just a complete pain and they both have to do with the snap and slide game on the app. You’ll have to put together a 14 piece puzzle together in 40 seconds and a 15 piece puzzle together in 50 seconds. Other then that there isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t get 100% of these trophies.

A multiplayer tutorial would have been a disaster and luckily this doesn’t have any multiplayer.

Overall I give this game app a 2 out of 5

What’s Great:
+ If you don’t know how to use your Vita or are unsure how to even get started using your Vita, I guess you could use this.

What’s Not So Great:
It’s an app with trophies.
Not a lot of thought or effort went into this app.
Glitchy controls as with most PS Vita things.

If you don’t need to know how to use your Vita I would suggest skipping this one. It’s not really all that fun and if you’re going after the trophies you’ll spend way too much time trying to get them when you could instead be playing some really awesome games that the Vita has to offer.

Now for next week, I have a game that I reviewed here a couple of weeks ago for the PS3. I really liked this little point and click adventure game and was eager to play on my PS Vita after playing on the PS3. Do you know what it is? It’s Machinarium!


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