Tales From The Borderlands – Episode 2: Atlas Mugged Review (PS4)

This episode has taken a hell of a long time to come out. In my opinion, for an episode based game it’s taken way to long especially since I paid for the whole season in November. Anyway, to tell you the truth I wasn’t all that thrilled to actually play this time around. I had a feeling of just wanting to get it over with after having all that animosity about the release date and why this game is taking so long to be fully released. I pushed on and did my run through of this episode and here’s what I thought about it.

The story of Rhys and Fiona picks up right where it left off in the first episode. They just discovered this key of sorts and who other then Handsome Jack shows up. In order to tell this story in both perspectives, the duo soon after get separated with their respective counter parts, Rhys’ friend and Fiona’s sister. Each of them go through the rest of the story until united once more towards the end where their stories combine again. Just when things look like they’re going to turn around for both Rhys and Fiona, things go right down the drain again as Fiona has a bounty on her head and a very special bounty hunter chasing after her and Rhys is still being pursued by Vasquez. In true Telltale fashion, the episode is once again ended on a major cliffhanger.

My animosity towards the game quickly faded when Marcus made his little joke at the beginning of the game about how long of a time it’s been since we last saw our hero’s Rhys and Fiona. From there I was once again pulled into this episode based Borderlands game that has everything a Borderlands game has with the addition of a very well thought out story. As the episode took its twists and turns I couldn’t wait to see what happened next and the cliffhanger of an ending got me eager to see what’s going to happen in the next episode that hopefully doesn’t take as long as this one did to come out.

So, what would a Borderlands game be without some very special cameo appearances by some fan favorite Borderlands characters? It wouldn’t really be all that Borderlands like now would it? While I’m enjoying the character development of both Rhys and Fiona as they grown into people who they really weren’t at the beginning of the episode, the thing that gets me to keep playing and be invested in this game is the fact that past Borderlands characters make special appearances. This episode saw the return of everybody’s favorite Catch A Ride guy Scooter as well as my favorite Borderlands character Athena. Who doesn’t love Athena? She’s just a total badass, plus she has an even more badass shield that she carries around. I really hope these cameo’s keep coming because they aren’t just thrown in there for the sake of having cameo’s, they’re there because it’s important to the overall story.

Kudos: I have to say that my little fangirl heart let out a squeal of absolute delight when not only did Athena make her badass entrance the first time she’s shown, but then again when she walk’s into Scooters shop and is introduced as Janey Springs girlfriend. I’ve been totally shipping the Athena and Janey paring since I played Athena in the Pre-Sequel and it was nice to see it come to life in this episode.

The playability of this game is pretty fluid and while it’s mostly dialogue choice options, there are a couple of action scenes that are easy to manage leaving time to get things right and little time for mistakes. Loading times were a little slow this time around, but unlike Telltale games of the past, there are no other bugs or glitches when it comes to playing this game.

This is the part that gets me confused because the graphics in this game were just stunning. They represented Borderlands perfectly as they fit in with the other games but in even more detail. So then why am I confused? I’m confused because episode 2 of Game of Thrones had just absolute crap graphics. It’s hard for me to understand why both of these games graphic wise differ so greatly especially since they’re made by the same company. To be honest, I was expecting this episode to be just as bad graphics wise as Game of Thrones but was pleasantly surprised that it was not.

As for the trophies, there are a total of 7 trophies for this episode. Each of them are extremely easy to get and all you have to do to get them is to play through the whole episode. Easy trophies and by the end of the series you’ll have an easy platinum to add to your list.

As with all Telltale games, there is no multiplayer for this game.

Overall I give this episode a 5 out of 5

What’s Great:
+ Episode picks up right where the previous episode left off.
+ Expands on the already existing story and makes it interesting.
+ Appearances by Scooter, Athena, and Janey Springs.
+ Bug and glitch free.
+ ❤ Athena & Janey! ❤ (This one is purely for me and my fangirl-ness when it comes to these two characters.)

What’s Not So Great
This episode took way to long to come out and if the series continues on this pattern, it won’t even be completed by the end of the year.

While I absolutely loved this episode, if you haven’t played this game yet and haven’t purchased the season pass I would suggest holding off until the whole game is available. Seriously, at first I didn’t even really remember what the hell had happened in the first game and I think this game would be better if you play one episode after another instead of waiting so long. Other then that this is a really strong entry in the Tales of the Borderlands series and I really can’t wait to see what happens next.

SPOILERS! Below are the choices that I made for the second episode.

Tales from the Borderlands


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