Level Caps and Upgrade Packs

While I can understand why games have level caps, I mean there has to be some sort of stopping point, but what I don’t understand is this concept of upgrade packs that allow you to continue to level up after you already reached the max level. If you wanted to put a cap on the level why offer an upgrade pack a few months later so that players can continue to level up? Oh that’s right, you want more money.

Of course the whole thing with putting a cap on the level you can achieve in a game and then releasing upgrade packs so that you can continue to level up has to do with the game company making more money. To me this is just another way that gamers get ripped off. Unlike actual story based DLC, this is just offering you a way to continue to level up for a price. Maybe it comes with some extra content that you can take or leave, but other then that it doesn’t achieve anything. You’re not really getting anything else. Is there really a reason that you just have to level up to 72 in Borderlands 2 after you’ve already reached the original level cap of 50?

Using Borderlands 2 as an example, what is the benefit of leveling up to 72? Sure you get some new weapons that are level specific, but it’s really just the same as leveling up to the cap which is 50. Just think about it, when you’re level 50 and enemies are level 50, the game will be just as hard as if you’re level 72 and the enemies are level 72. This whole thing of the game getting more difficult because you’re a higher level or playing on the harder mode becomes sort of an illusion. An illusion that if you’re playing on the PS3 version will cost you an additional $9.98.

The only reason why I even purchased the upgrade packs, which was a waste of perfectly good money that could have been spent on something else, was because I have a friend who is obsessed with leveling up all of his Borderlands 2 characters to 72. When I asked him why all of his characters have to be level 72, he didn’t even really know why and to me it just seemed like a waste of time. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy playing Borderlands 2 a hell of a lot, but I don’t need to level up to 72 in order to have fun. Part of the fun is starting from the very beginning and leveling up to 50, after that it just seems repetitive.

My suggestion would be to skip the upgrade packs. I find it just as fulfilling to replay a game with a new character and level up to the cap as it is to play the game on a harder mode with the same character to reach that new level cap. Unless these upgrade packs are included in some actual DLC that has some content to it, it’s really not worth the money. Just think all that money you save on buying upgrade packs will allow you to buy some really awesome games.



  1. I didn’t really understand level caps in Destiny. I ascended to rank 25 in like a weekend and then they made it difficult to progress?

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