Game of Thrones Episode 3: The Sword in the Darkness Review (PS4)

On the last episode of Game of Thrones you were introduced to two new characters, both members of House Forrester that you were able to play as, as well as a few other characters sprinkled in. Just like in true Game of Thrones fashion, some of these new characters you can trust and others you can’t. You can read my reviews episode 1 and episode 2, but be warned there might be some spoilers. I have to say that after the release of Tales from the Borderlands this month I wasn’t really expecting a Game of Thrones release but was pleasantly surprised so here’s what I thought about this episode.

Episode 3 picks up right where episode 2 left off. Asher is still trying to get back home so that he can help save House Forrester, but of course he isn’t going to get home just yet. Asher, Beshka, and Asher’s Uncle find themselves in a bunch of trouble this episode and by the end will meet up with one of my all time favorite Game of Thrones characters.

Back at Ironrath, the Whitehill soldiers are still occupying the keep as well as Lord Whitehills not so important son Griff. As you can probably already tell, Rodrik and Griff don’t exactly get along and see eye to eye. In this episode you’ll have to either stand up to another Whitehill or bow your head down in obedience. Rodrik will also get a tip from another Whitehill (how many damn Whitehill’s are there!) about a betrayer in his most trusted council. Who’s the betrayer, you won’t find out during this episode although I have my suspicions and I have since the first episode because I didn’t trust this person.

At the wall, Gared takes his vows and his place as a Ranger in the Night’s Watch. During his time Gared will get a surprise visit from his Uncle and have to decide if he’ll stay true to the Night’s Watch or pursue finding the mysterious North Grove. Not only will Gared have to make that hard decision, but more hard decisions come his way as the man who murdered his sister and father will show up at the wall.

Depending on how you’ve played Mira throughout the first two episodes could leave Margaery acting more like Cersei towards you if you’ve been meeting with Tyrion. Who knew that Margaery could actually be like that, I certainly didn’t see that coming although I was kinda shitty to her. While Mira doesn’t have that big of a role during this episode there are still some major things happening in Kings Landing. This part of the episode will take place during the Royal Wedding so if you haven’t watched the show or read the books and you have no idea what actually happens at the Royal Wedding, I would suggest not playing this episode.

I thought this episode was a bit longer then the last and seemed less rushed then episode 2. I’m liking the character developments with Asher and Rodrik as well as playing the game in Kings Landing with Mira. If I’m playing it successfully I really have no idea, but it’s actually really fun. As for Gared, he has to be my least favorite character in this whole game. If it wasn’t for his knowledge of the North Grove there wouldn’t even be a reason to be following him around. While I am liking the scenes that are taking place at the wall, I’m just not really into this character. I will say this though, that one of my favorite scenes from this episode did take place at the wall. I don’t want to spoil it, but it does take place towards the end of the game and if you make the right choices you could be imitating a scene from 300. Overall I enjoyed this episode and am eager to see how the second half of the season plays out.

As with the other two episodes, the playability is basically the same but there was the edition of some more quick time scenes which made things more interesting. Unlike the second episode, the problems with loading times wasn’t really all that bad. I only had a problem once where I thought the game had stalled when it was loading, but it then quickly resumed. I’m still not a big fan of these little bugs and glitches not being fixed, but it seems that at this point Telltale isn’t going to do anything about them.

Now my least favorite part of this game series, the graphics. Even though I’m trying to get used to the cartoon version of Game of Thrones, the overall blurry backgrounds and just constant blurry edges is just making this game frustrating. I know for sure that this isn’t going to be fixed with this season but I’m hoping that the blurry graphics will be fixed by the time the next season rolls around.

There are a standard 8 trophies for this game that you’ll just get by playing the game. No need to play any particular way, just play how you want to get the trophies.

As with all Telltale games, this game is multiplayer free.

Overall I give this episode a 3.5 out of 5

What’s Great:
+ Interesting story that is developing through the episodes.
+ Nice character development for Asher and Rodrik.
+ Some pretty cool scenes that take place at the Wall.

What’s Not So Great:
The graphics are really disappointing and taking away from the overall game at this point.
An improvement of the bugs and glitches from the second episode but not a real fix for them.

Because of the time frame with the show and this game, I’m thinking the next episode is going to take a little while to be released. While this episode kind of came out of nowhere I’m not expecting episode 4 any time soon. The graphics are still a big problem for me along with the blandness of Gared, but I’m eager to see how the rest of the season plays out.

SPOILERS! Below are the choices that I made for the third episode.

Game of Thrones


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