Should Rage Quitters Be Punished?

If you’ve ever played a multiplayer game then you’ve experienced a rage quitter. Maybe you were even a rage quitter yourself from time to time, no judgment here, but should rage quitters be punished? Mortal Kombat X thinks so.

The creators of Mortal Kombat X over at NetherRealm think that rage quitters need to be punished and have come up with a pretty clever way to punish rage quitters. Rage quitters will be punished with a Quitality when and if they decide to rage quit an online game. So what is a Quitality? It’s really simple really, when a rage quitter quits that characters head blows up and the other player is grated a win. Pretty steep punishment if you’re trying to keep a decent average.

So is this right? Is it wrong? I actually like the idea of this and think that it’s the right thing to do. Rage quitting is just another term for a sore loser. If you’re losing at a game just take the loss and move on. Why waste your time along with the time of the other person you’re playing with if you don’t get the outcome that you want. I’ve encountered the problem of rage quitters the most during my Injustice: Gods Among Us sessions and have since basically stopped playing because it’s just tiring and a waste of my time.

I applaud the developers over at NetherRealm for creating a Quitality feature for Mortal Kombat X. I hope that other developers take note and develop something similar for their games, maybe not something as extreme as your characters head blowing up, but you get my point. I would even go as far as changing a persons statistics to Win/Loss/Quit. When someone rage quits a game don’t put it down as a loss for them because they really didn’t lose. They would have lost if they stuck around until the end of the game, but they decided to just quit which is not the same as losing. Instead put it down as a Quit so that people know if that person is a known quitter or not. I think that for those worried about their statistics, they would have a pretty big problem with being known as a quitter.


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