Should Dead Games Be Rebooted?

Dead games. You know the ones I’m talking about. The games that at one time were so wildly popular, had sequel after sequel after sequel, until one day they just died. No longer were these games popular, no longer were sequel’s made, and the gaming world went on without them like they never existed in the first place. With new consoles being not so new anymore it seems like the popular thing to do is to reboot these dead games, but the question is should they be rebooted?

When I think of dead games getting the reboot, I think immediately of Rock Band and Guitar Hero. Back in the day of PS2, there was nothing I would rather do then plug in my plastic guitar and rock out to some of my favorite songs. Like many, I bought into the hype of playing like I was an imaginary rock star who was in my own band and who totally rocked. I bought all of the equipment, which just sits in my closet now collecting dust, and even made the transition from PS2 to PS3. Like almost everyone else though, I thought that these games soon became boring. It was the same thing over and over again with nothing new and exciting coming from either the Rock Band franchise or the Guitar Hero franchise and I eventually stopped buying the games and stopped caring about them.

As of late, both Rock Band and Guitar Hero have gotten some major press with their reboots coming to the PS4. I’m not really buying into the hype this time around though. Sure, both games have made some much needed improvements and look like they could be fun, but how long will it last? How long until both games release a new game every year as an exact copy of the year before until they die again waiting for a new console to reboot these dead games again.

In my very honest opinion, I believe that dead games should stay dead. I have some really great memories of rocking out on my PS2 version of Guitar Hero playing Skid Row’s 18 and Life, but I’m not really interested in a reboot and buying new equipment that will suffer the same fate of the previous equipment. Plus there are so many other games, great games, coming to the PS4 this year and next year and the years to come that there really isn’t room for these games anymore. So RIP Rock Band and Guitar Hero, the trend was fun while it lasted but it’s seriously over now.



  1. Depends on the specific title and whether it could still appeal to existing fans and attract new ones. For instance Capcom definitely need to bring back Onimusha. For me if no one else. Now!

  2. Honestly I still play Guitar Hero on the 360. Not everyday just now and then when friends are round or there is literally nothing to do. I can agree in some instances about dead games staying dead. But some I’d love to see be either ‘remastered’ as they now call it or completely remade. Take Oddworld, that could have been left to fade into history but along came the remake and it’s awesome. It’s more of a nostalgic feeling you get when playing but I think it makes you enjoy the game more, rather than playing a new gaming title. Also take Wolfenstein awesome reboot.

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