Are Trophy Snapshots a Good Thing or a Bad Thing?

With the latest big update to the PS4 system, came the ability for the PS4 to take a snapshot of your screen every time you earn a trophy. While I’ve posted just about all my trophy snapshots here as well as on Twitter, I’m not really sure yet if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

The Good

Trophy snapshots are pretty damn awesome. They immediately capture that moment when you get a trophy and the outcome is sometimes pretty damn amazing depending on what game you’re playing and what you’re doing. My absolute favorite trophy snapshot is of my Dragon Age: Inquisition platinum trophy. I mean, it’s just awesome. Not only does it highlight that I got the platinum trophy, but the screen capture that goes with it is just perfect. The Borderlands 2 platinum trophy snapshot that I got is also becoming another one of my favorites as I get the thumbs up from my gunzerker just for getting the trophy. I know it’s just him reloading, but still it does look like he’s giving me the thumbs up right? Right?!?! Another bonus to these snapshots is that you don’t have to go to your trophy profile anymore and just take a picture of the trophy description screen. You have proof right there in the snapshot that you actually received the trophy.

Dragon Age: Inquisition Borderlands 2

The Bad

I’ve learned that when there are things that are good, there are also things that are bad to go along with it. Let’s face it, trophies don’t always pop at the right moment and now when that happens it’s captured by this convenient little snapshot. Maybe that something awesome that you did passed and while you wait for the trophy you’re just standing around. Who wants a snapshot of that? Or maybe the trophy pops when there is a loading screen or just a plain old black screen, like in Dragon Age: Inquisition and Never Alone. These can lead to some frustrating moments since you did something awesome, but the snapshot doesn’t capture it because the trophy didn’t pop when it should have or it popped during an immediate loading screen after doing that something awesome.

Dragon Age: Inquisition Never Alone

At the moment I have a love/hate relationship with these trophy snapshots. I love the ones that are awesome and I hate the snapshots of the trophies that are…well not so awesome. It does make me wonder though if, knowing that the PS4 now has this capability, developers will tweak when trophies pop during their games. I know I’m not the only one posting these snapshots on social media, and when I do this it really promotes that game that I’m playing. Awesome snapshots could possibly lead to more game sales, so it’ll be interesting to see in newer games, I’m thinking possibly the beginning of next year depending on development time, if trophy pops are adjusted so that they capture something awesome all the time or if they’ll just remain the same. Until then, the love/hate relationship continues!


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