Throwback Thursday Review – Galaga Legions DX

Like with some PS+ games, I seen this one for free and thought “I’ll pass.” I wasn’t really interested in this game and to tell the truth the trailer that I seen for the game was kinda bugging out my eyes and I just didn’t think I could stand to play this game all that long. Then things changed, a challenge was issued, a challenge of “friendly competition” based on look at my high score and how you’ll never beat it and I just had to accept. So after starting to play, I eventually finished the trophy list and here’s what I thought about the game.

While this game has absolutely no story, your main goal is to complete each level just shooting at these random little insect objects over and over again, this game does have a past. Like the Pac-Man Championship Edition DX, this is one of Namco’s attempts to bring a classic arcade game to newer consoles. As a side note, I have to applaud Namco for this. I grew up on arcade games, I spent countless numbers of hours, and quarters, in arcades playing the variety of different games over and over again just to achieve a high score. I like having these games brought back to a newer generation and I’m glad that Namco is doing it.

I couldn’t really play this game all that long when I finally did get to play. I would say I played for at most, half an hour because the graphics are really trippy and they were seriously bugging out my eyes. That being said, I did enjoy the time that I did get to play but I just wish I was able to play for a little longer each time. As you progress challenges get harder and it’s always fun to try to come up with some sort of strategy on how you’re going to beat that level.

The gameplay for this is super simple. Move your ship, aim your guns, shoot your guns, kill all the insects on the screen. The ship is pretty easy to maneuver throughout the game and the firing stream coming from the ship as you shoot the insects is pretty cool as you get to move it from and up and down stream to a left and right stream. I will say that this game is really really fast paced though and it’s something that you’ll have to get used to.

Although I found the graphics super trippy, I did actually like them. They were bright and colorful and they really fit the game as a whole. There’s a whole lot going on in each level though, which causes them to get really trippy really fast.

There are a total of 12 trophies for this game. The trophies range from just playing the whole game all the way to playing again on hard. While these trophies aren’t too bad, playing on hard can get a little frustrating at times. Overall it’s a pretty easy trophy list that shouldn’t take all that long to complete as long as you’re diligent.

Even though there’s no multiplayer for this game, there is an online leaderboard for the scores that you earn throughout the game.

Overall I give this game a 3 out of 5

What’s Great:
+ New take on an old classic.
+ Fun to play for shorts periods of time.

What’s Not So Great:
Trippy graphics are trippy.

While this wasn’t my favorite game, it wasn’t the worst game I’ve ever played either. It’s kind of in the middle where I’m glad that I got to experience the game and add it to my trophy list, but now that I’m finished I’m really not going to play it again. I would give this game a pass if you aren’t a Galaga fan, but if you are definitely give this new take on an old classic a try.

So for next week, I’ll be reviewing a game that was only $0.99 when I bought it. I always seem to be a sucker for these games like that. I mean, can you really pass up a game that’s only $0.99? It’s almost impossible for me, which is why I bought Fruit Ninja for the PS Vita. I’ll let you know what I thought of it next week.


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