Weekly Trophy Tip – Borderlands 2 – So Much Blood!

Another Borderlands 2 trophy tip for you this week, and this one is for those of you who don’t really like playing as the Gunzerker, like me, but you’re doing so in order to get the platinum trophy for this game. Knowing how to level this guy up will be the key to your success, so let’s get you this trophy.

Borderlands 2 – So Much Blood!
Gunzerked continuously for 90 seconds – Bronze
TIP: To even start thinking about gunzerking for 90 seconds, you have to have your Gunzerker up to at least level 25. Not only that, but you have to have him leveled up a certain way. Here’s how to level up your Gunzerker especially for this trophy.

Skill Tree – Rampage
• 1 skill point towards Gunzerking
• 5 skill points towards Filled to the Brim
• 5 skill points towards Last Longer
• 5 skill points towards 5 Shots or 6
• 5 skill points towards Yippee Ki Yay

Borderlands 2

Once you level up properly, now it’s time to find a place where there are a ton of enemies in order for you to continue to gunzerk for 90 seconds. If you want to go the easy way of getting this trophy you can always leave the first mission you receive from Marcus upon arriving in Sanctuary, “Rock, Paper, Genocide”, open. When you reach level 25 just go and start the mission but don’t do it correctly. This means that you can’t use a fire weapon which is what you need for the mission. When you don’t use the fire weapon a new enemy will continually respawn.

This isn’t the only easy way to get this trophy and you can easily get it by entering one of the slaughter houses. These slaughter houses have a bunch of enemies and I was able to get mine done by the second wave of Round # 2 in Bandit Slaughter. Killing enemies with grenades also counts towards the time, so I would suggest using grenades as much as possible to kill groups of bandits at a time. If you hit your 90 seconds, the trophy will pop after you come out of gunzerking.

Have anything additional to add to my tip? Let me know in the comments section below and I’ll add it in and give you credit. Need help with a specific trophy? I’m always looking for my next weeks tip so throw out some suggestions in the comments section. If I have the trophy I’ll post a tip on how to get it.


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