Throwback Thursday Review – Doki-Doki Universe (PS Vita)

I bought this game when it first came out because it looked completely different from anything I ever played before and mostly because I’m a sucker for games that look really cute. Since this game was a cross-buy, I started playing on the PS3. I encountered so many errors and crashes while playing that I just completely gave up playing. The last thing I wanted to do was actually break my PS3 from all the crashing and restarting. A little annoyed that I had to switch to the PS Vita to finish playing, I did so reluctantly in order to be able to play a game that I paid good money for. After finally being able to get through the whole game on the PS Vita, this is what I thought about Doki-Doki Universe.

For such a little game, this is one of those games that has a huge story and a lot of meaning behind it. Throughout the game you’ll play as robot QT3 whose main goal is to find his human family. It’s just been QT3 alone with his red balloon for years when he finds out from Alien Jeff that his model has been discontinued because of its lack of humanity. It’s now up to QT3 to prove that he can learn humanity and the people on his new home world along with some friends and enemies he’ll make along the way are going to help him.

There are a bunch of things to do while playing this game and once I restarted on the PS Vita, I couldn’t put it down. With a total of 27 planets to explore, you’ll have the chance to help the other inhabitants of each planet where you’ll either become friends with them or just not get along with them at all. There really is no right or wrong way to play this game because it’s all about being human. You’ll also have some personality tests to take which will show you some insight to your own personality and you’ll be given the results by Dr. Therapist on QT3’s home world. Even though some things became a little repetitive, the game was still interesting and was able to hold my attention for a long period of time.

The playability on the PS Vita is absolutely flawless. This game makes full use of both the front and rear touch screen as well as the regular Vita controls. While the PS3 version was riddled with error after error and constant crashes, none of this even happened on the PS Vita making me wonder just what the hell went wrong with the PS3 version. Since I gave up completely on the PS3 version, I’m not even sure if anything even got fixed or if it even works right on the PS3.

The graphics for this game shine as it really brings out the game with it’s cartoon like nature. Each different planet is unique as well as the creatures that inhabit the planet. There are no two plants alike and even though the graphics can be thought of as simple, they are detailed and match the story.

There are a total of 14 really easy trophies for this game, but this is one of those games where it’s not about the trophies. Even though there are trophies for collectibles, this shouldn’t be a problem since there is a trophy for doing everything the game has to offer. By the time you get the trophy for doing everything the game has to offer, you should have the trophy for the collectibles so it’s a win-win type of trophy. Just play the game and the trophies will come naturally.

There’s no multiplayer for this game, but you can log in through Facebook and connect with your Facebook “friends” that way.

Overall I give this game a 4.5 out of 5

What’s Great:
+ Touching story that is surprisingly human.
+ A bunch of different things to do so it’s hard to get bored.
+ Simple but fitting graphics that enhance the story.
+ Flawless play on the PS Vita.

What’s Not So Great:
I couldn’t really find anything wrong with the PS Vita version, just the PS3 version.

This was one of the games that I really enjoyed and it was sad that it had so many problems on the PS3. I’m not really sure if things were patched on the PS3 version, but I would suggest playing this on the PS Vita if you have both consoles. The few planets that I played on the PS3 were only ok compared to the PS Vita version where it was more interactive and just easier to play overall.

Up for next week’s throwback Thursday is a game that I got for free thanks to my PS+ subscription. It was another game that seemed simple but had a lot of meaning to it and actually made a lot of sense. It’s Thomas Was Alone for next week’s Throwback Thursday Review.


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