Making the Most Out of Your PS Vita

I’ve been a proud PS Vita owner for over 2 years now and to tell the truth, I’ve only paid a total of less than $20 for all the Vita games that I’ve played and I’ve played a lot of PS Vita games. My main goal when buying my PS Vita was that I really didn’t want to spend any money on the games, but I still wanted to get a decent amount of usage out of it. I already had a PS3 that I spent a ton of money on and I didn’t want to do the same with a handheld console. Here’s how I managed to make the most out of my PS Vita.

Most of my PS Vita games come from the monthly PS+ lineup. Even if I have no intention of playing the game when it’s released on PS+, I add it to my library anyway. That way when I feel like I have nothing at all to play, all I have to do is go to my library and download something that’s already there. If you’re a member of PS+, take advantage of it. How can you really turn down a game that you’re getting in the monthly line up?

There are a lot of free PS Vita games. Yes, you read that correctly. FREE. They aren’t part of the PS+ lineup, they’re just free. Like with most free games, there are places for you to spend actual money, but why are you going to do that. The game is free and most likely you can get at least 30 minutes or more of playtime at a time. You don’t need more then that. Once your lives or whatever runs out, move on and come back when everything regenerates.

Black Friday is a gamers friend. Especially a PS Vita gamer. Most of these PS Vita games are way over priced, but Black Friday and the weeks to follow up until Christmas have these games at a marked down rate. Load up on these games during that time and when you’re finished with them just sell them. I’ve had huge success this way and I always get back more then what I actually paid for the game making the game that I paid for free. Or it’s like I was paid to play the game. I’ve done this mostly with all of the TellTale games including The Walking Dead Season 1 and 2 and The Wolf Among Us.

Cross-buys are another great way to get some extra PS Vita games. Most of the PS Vita games are made for the PS3 and/or PS4 at this point. The cross-buy feature lets you buy the game for your actual console while getting a chance to play another version on the PS Vita. Some of these games even have separate trophy lists so it’s a total win-win situation and it gets you using your PS Vita even more.

If you just can’t justify buying yourself a Vita and making that type of investment, just think of all the free games that you’re missing out on. Sure, I’ve paid for a few games but the total amount of money that I paid for these games is seriously less than $20. Most of this is because when I do buy a game for the PS Vita, I make sure that it’s on sale or I make sure that I can sell the game later on for more then I paid for it to begin with. The PS Vita is a great little handheld console to have on the side and you at least won’t have to spend the money that you spend on your PS3 or PS4 in order to play it and get a decent amount of usage out of it.


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