Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC Review – Jaws of Hakkon (PS4)

After waiting a few months to actually play this DLC since it was an Xbox One exclusive for way too long, I finally got the chance to play on the PS4. Was it worth the wait? Was it worth the price? After playing through the DLC with my main Dragon Age: Inquisition character, here’s what I thought about the DLC.

Jaws of Hakkon revolves around finding what happened to the first Inquisitor over 800 years ago. History hasn’t been kind to the Inquisitor and recounts of what happened to him are varied. As the new Inquisitor it’s up to you to find out the true story and not the one that the Seekers of Truth have been telling for all these years. As with any story told by BioWare, the story is the highlight of this whole DLC. It’s filled with juicy Dragon Age lore and it comes to a nice conclusion at the end of the DLC.

While this DLC can be played any time during or even after the main campaign of the actual game, it’s recommended to at least be over level 20 when starting this DLC. It’s not something that you want to start a new game and jump into playing right away. If you play after the main events of Dragon Age: Inquisition, you won’t be able to use a particular character who could add new conversation dialogue if you use him, but the choice is yours. Remember all those power points you have saved up with nothing to do? Well they come to use now as you need 8 points in order to unlock the new area that the DLC provides. While there isn’t a whole bunch of things to do, there is the main quest along with some scattered side quests as well as a few ocularums to find and some new astriums to unlock. There’s enough content in the DLC to at least last you 7-8 hours which isn’t bad for a DLC.

Higher level enemies makes for some interesting and intense playing as you’ll have to develop new strategies in order to complete this DLC. While everything else is the same, you’ll uncover a new power to use that goes hand in hand with the mark your inquisitor has been scorned with. Get it? Hand in hand? No? Moving on. The map is also filled with different enemies making this the most action packed area of the game. At times there was no break between finding new enemies on the map. The spawn rate was at times a little overwhelming to where when you just finished one battle and take two more steps to the area you were going just to have a new battle start. It’s also worth mentioning that you’ll pick up some pretty nice loot just for closing the fade rifts in the area.

The graphics are basically the same that they are throughout the whole game, but the new area that is unlocked is stunning. Let’s not forget that there are tree houses, well tree camps, in this area of the game. Tree camps. Camps all the way up in the trees and while I could have never imagined seeing something like this in a DLC, it was totally amazing.

Trophy wise, there are only 4 new trophies to add to your Dragon Age: Inquisition collection. All of the trophies are super simple to get and just require you to do everything that the DLC has to offer. There’s really only one trophy that you might miss out on the first time around and it involves going to the Temple and getting rid of all the ice wraths and lighting all the fires. I didn’t get it when I initially went into the temple, but I was able to go back and get it after the main campaign of the game.

There’s no additional multiplayer content that goes along with this DLC.

Overall I give this DLC a 5 out of 5

What’s Great:
+ Nice story that adds to the growing Dragon Age lore.
+ New area to explore.
+ Harder enemies and even rarer loot.
+ Builds on the existing Dragon Age: Inquisition story.

What’s Not So Great:
DLC is a little pricy.

Although I really enjoyed the DLC, I really can’t justify spending $15 on it. Remember those days when DLC was $10, it seems those days are over and the new standard is $15. For $15 I could have picked up a bunch of games on sale that initial release week that would have lasted longer then 7-8 hours, but I did enjoy getting back into Dragon Age. I don’t really think that this DLC is for everyone, but if you’re a huge Dragon Age fan and you’re interested in learning more about the Dragon Age world, then this DLC is for you. If Dragon Age is just a passing fancy for you, then I would suggest waiting until the price of this DLC drops.


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