Throwback Thursday Review – World Gone Sour (PS3)

What can I say about this game? Well, I can say that I got it for $0.99 and believe me that’s saying a lot. Those flash sales that PS throws from time to time just really hit my wallet hard because after buying game after game after game for $0.99 it really adds up. I was eager to play this game because it was based off of some of my favorite binge candy to eat while I game so here’s what I thought about the game.

Let’s face it, Sour Patch Kids are just one of greatest candies ever. They’re gummy, sour, and they have different flavors. They’re easy to eat while you’re doing stuff like gaming, watching a movie, reading, or doing whatever. But who knew that each Sour Patch Kid has the goal to be eaten? Who even knew that Sour Patch Kids had goals, but whatever. Anyway in this game you’ll play as this little green Sour Patch Kid who was just about to be eaten when disaster strikes! Your little green Sour Patch Kid was just about to fulfill his life long goal of being eaten when the idiot eating him trips and the little green guy ends up in the trash. Ew. This little green guy will then set off on a journey to fulfill his goal even though he was in the trash and I doubt anyone will want to eat him after that, but he finds other abandoned Sour Patch Kids who have turned evil! This is apparently what happens to forgotten and abandoned Sour Patch Kids.

I in no way thought that this game would have an actual story to it. I mean the quality of the story was just, wow because it’s a game to promote some candy but it had a lot of thought go into it and I was impressed. There are 13 different levels to play through and while you’re making your way through the levels you’ll collect some other abandoned Sour Patch kids and you’ll have to use them in order to make your way through the level. While the levels are pretty easy by the end they just seemed a little repetitive and the game soon got boring.

At times the gameplay wasn’t as responsive as it should have been and in a way it affected the game. Sometimes the controls just didn’t function right and it would cause you to lose and depending where you were you might have had to restart the level if you didn’t encounter a checkpoint yet. Losing time after time because controls aren’t working correctly is just frustrating and makes you want to break your controller by smashing it repeatedly on the floor.

The graphics for this game were pretty cool and I was surprised that this type of game which was basically just an advertisement for some candy, could have graphics that were actually this good. The shining moments in the graphics were the really well done cut scenes and the graphics overall were creative.

There are 12 trophies for this game and they’re all extremely easy to get. They require you to play the game, collect the collectibles, and do some extra stuff. Nothing should keep you from getting 100% in this game. It seriously doesn’t even take long and there’s chapter select to go back and collect some collectibles that you’re missing or to get some random trophy that you need.

While there isn’t multiplayer for this game, there is co-op. So you can sit down and play with a friend or you could hook up two controllers and just play by yourself. It’s really up to you. I thought the co-op was just ok. It really requires a lot of communication and is a little frustrating at times.

Overall I give this game a 2.5 out of 5

What’s Great:
+ Creative story for a small game.
+ Nice graphics that are fitting.

What’s Not So Great:
Repetitive levels are repetitive and boring after a while.
Controls are glitchy and the cause of many frustrations while playing this game.

While I wouldn’t recommend playing this game for the full price, I would say that it’s a good game for $0.99. At the full price it just seems like it’s not worth it and even though it’s fun for a while you can spend your money elsewhere and get a better game. If you do play be ready for some frustrating times and be prepared for the controls to not always function properly.

Moving on to next week, I figured that after World Gone Sour I would be prepared to go back into the Telltale world of Back to the Future. At that point I really just wanted to finish the game and I figured I would spend the afternoon getting the next episode out of the way. So for next week’s Throwback Thursday I’ll be reviewing Back to the Future – Episode 2: Get Tannen.


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