Throwback Thursday Review – Back to the Future: Episode 2 – Get Tannen!

After my experience with the first episode of Back to the Future, that you can read here, I wasn’t all to eager to get back into this game and start playing again. I am a sucker though for seeing a story through just to see how everything ends so I pushed myself to play the next episode in the series. Here’s what I thought about episode 2.

As always, time traveling gets you in trouble when one little thing can alter the past and then all together alter the future. In the last episode, Marty starts to disappear and in this episode you’ll find out that it’s because Marty’s grandfather will be killed thanks to the events that took place in episode one. Saving Marty’s grandfather will in turn save Marty but it will make yet another change in the timeline setting up the events for episode 3.

I really think that my lack of enthusiasm for the movie just made it harder for me to actually play this game and really get into the story that was being told. Although the story is well thought out and really does go hand in hand with the movies, it was just a total snooze fest for me. I also thought this episode was really long compared to the other episodes. Being one to play straight through the Telltale episodes, this one took me a little over three hours to play while the others took under two hours. I felt that in this episode the story dragged a little in certain spots and thought the episode as a whole should have been a little shorter.

This was the typical Telltale came that is basically a point and click story adventure. In these games it really doesn’t seem like the decisions you make really matter all that much as more recent games. There’s a lot more guiding you towards the “correct” answers in order to tell the story how it’s supposed to be told. As with any Telltale game there were the loading problems and trophy pop problems.

I’ll continue to say how much I really liked what was done for the graphics of this game. I really thought it made sense in the whole Back to the Future universe and it made this game read like an added on comic book version of Back to the Future. Sometimes these types of graphics works, which it does for this franchise, and sometimes these types of graphics fail miserably, see the most recent addition to the Telltale family Game of Thrones.

There are a total of 11 trophies for this game and while some of them are for playing the story, some of them are for doing specific things within the story. If you want to play the episode straight through without having to go back later on and play again in order to get all the trophies, I suggest using a walkthrough and follow it step by step. If you don’t mind going back and playing all over again just to get a couple of trophies, feel free to play how you want the first time through.

As with any TellTale game, there is no multiplayer.

Overall I give this episode a 2.5 out of 5.

What’s Great:
+The episode as a whole stays true to the Back to the Future franchise.
+ The graphics are pretty sweet and does justice to the franchise as a whole.

What’s Not So Great:
Story is a little long and drags at times.
Common Telltale problems with loading and trophies.
Decisions really don’t seem to matter as much as they should.
A lot of trophies require you to play a specific way instead of playing how you want.

So while I’m not really a fan of this episode, or this series as a whole, I wouldn’t say to not play it especially if you’re a fan of Back to the Future. If you aren’t and you still want to play, be prepared to potentially not enjoy the game as much as you would if you were a Back to the Future fan.

After this recent episode, I decided another break from this franchise as a whole was in order so I started to play something different. When this game was announced that it would be free on PS+, I squealed with delight because it was a game from my childhood that I had a lot of fond memories playing. I figured why not relive the memories and play it again, so next week for Throwback Thursday I’ll be giving you the full review of Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse.


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