Tales From The Borderlands – Episode 3: Catch A Ride Review (PS4)

While I’ve come to terms on the time it’s taking for each new episode to come out for this game, that doesn’t mean that I accept it. To me the episodes are still too far away from each other and the time between each episode should be shorter. While this isn’t going to happen, I’m still enjoying the actual game along with each episode. As usual I was quick to play this latest episode especially after last episodes cliff hanger. Here’s what I thought about Catch A Ride.

The story basically picks up right where it left off. Rhys and Fiona are still being lead through Pandora by the masked man while each of them is telling their version of what happened to get them there. Depending on who you chose at the end of episode two things can turn out differently but the story eventually still gets to the same point. During this episode, each character grows in their own way as they separate and their “true” selves are revealed. New villains are revealed, some old frenimies come back, there’s action, adventure and most of all comedy in this latest episode of Tales from the Borderlands.

I really expected a lot from this episode and it delivered in every single way. Because August is a complete moron and Vasquez is just too power hungry, the real brains of the operation is revealed to be a brand new character to the Borderlands franchise. Vallory is the major kingpin behind all this vault key business and she is a force to be reckoned with. Her involvement in the game at this point is pretty big and I’m predicting that it will continue to be within the final two episodes. Athena, I can’t say enough how much she’s my favorite character in Borderlands, also makes another appearance and reveals her true reason for why she’s tracking the girls like she is. In this episode you also see the struggles that Athena faces as she tries very hard to manage her personal life and her work life which doesn’t go hand in hand. This episode is kind of pivotal in Athena’s story as it takes place just before Athena is captured and tells her side of the story in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. Other then that it was nice to see both Rhys and Fiona go through some major character development throughout the whole episode. Rhys turns out to be not such an asshole and Fiona just might have what it takes to become a true vault hunter. I also can’t go on without mentioning the edition of a brand new robot, not as annoying as Claptrap, who is super cute and all around fun to have in each scene and interact with by the name of Gortys. Gortys plays an extremely important role in this episode and will continue to do so throughout the rest of the game.

Eh…: Although I do like the addition of new characters and Vallory was pretty bad ass, I didn’t like how much of a rip off she was of Dragon Age’s Flemeth. I seriously couldn’t have been the only one to notice it, and I really wasn’t all that happy with it. Everything from the look and the voice just screamed Flemeth and I’m really not sure I like it all too much. Borderlands is known for original characters and this just seemed like a rip off.

Playability for this game was just about spot on and the loading times and trophy pop’s were nice and smooth. None of the loading times lingered or froze and trophy’s popped when they should. Overall the game ran smoothly, and the only problem that I had was when Athena made Fiona realize her vault hunter power. Each vault hunter has a “special” power right? Fiona’s power is basically a split second decision. Even though the use of this isn’t frequent I found it a little confusing to operate and the two choices weren’t really that clear so I just went with whatever each time.

The graphics for this game continue to be spot on with the Borderlands universe as a whole and is one of the shining points of the game. How a company could create such amazing graphics for one game and then completely fail with another game that came out basically at the same time continues to surprise and confuse me all at the same time.

Play through the whole episode and you’ll have another 7 trophies to your collection and you’ll be one step closer to achieving the platinum trophy for this game. At this point with Telltale games, I don’t even care about the trophies since I really only play for the stories that each game tells. The platinum trophy and all the other trophies for this game are just an added bonus.

Horray for no multiplayer.

Overall I give this episode a 5 out of 5

What’s Great:
+ Interesting turn of events story wise.
+ Introduction of new characters, re-introduction of old characters (Hello again Athena), and some major character growth for the main characters.
+ Shorter loading times, no freezing, and accurate trophy pops.
+ Graphics that continue to impress and fit in with the Borderlands universe.

What’s Not So Great:
Original characters really aren’t original and it takes just a little bit away from the game as a whole.

Despite the whole Vallory/Flemeth misfortune, I really enjoyed this episode as a whole and thought it was the games best episode to date. I enjoyed everything from the character development, to the introduction of the super cute robot Gortys, and of course some more Athena time. I’m eager to see how the next episode plays out as well as the final episode of the season. Because the span of time is so long between each episode, I would still say to wait on this one until all episodes are released. I think the game as a whole would be more satisfying to be able to play each episode back to back.

SPOILERS! Below are the choices that I made for the third episode.

Tales from the Borderlands


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