Throwback Thursday Review – Castle of Illusion Staring Mickey Mouse

Some of my favorite memories come from playing games on my NES and Sega Genesis so whenever some of my favorite games get re-released for new consoles with updated graphics and updated everything, I get really excited. When I heard that this blast from my past was coming out for free with PS+, I was totally ready to play and did so the moment that I downloaded it. After spending a few days revisiting a game that was still familiar to me today, here’s what I thought about it.

In Castle of Illusion you play as Mickey Mouse, I mean his name is in the title so of course you’re going to play as him and he’s on this epic quest to save Minnie Mouse who has been captured by the evil Mizrabel. Oh no! Mizrabel is trying to steal Minnie’s youth, sounds like one of my aunts, but it’s up to Mickey to defeat her different henchmen and obtain the rainbow gems required to reach the tower where Minnie is being held prisoner.

I enjoyed playing this game on Sega and I enjoyed playing this game again on my PS3. I like the way that it was given a complete overhaul for a new generation but in the end was the same game that I had enjoyed so much on my Sega. Sure this can be considered a child’s game, but I think older gamers will appreciate it as an update to an old favorite and even though it might not be a game that you can play for hours upon hours on end, it’s always nice to have a reminder of the past.

The playability for this game is at times super simple and at other times super frustrating. Most of those super frustrating times come with complicated jumping that at times doesn’t work all that well and you end up somewhere you shouldn’t be. This causes you to most likely lose a life and have to start all over again. While this doesn’t really effect the story it does effect the time spent going back and getting some collectibles.

The graphics are really great for this game that went from a simple 16-bit version to a full on 3D version that was just beautiful and really brought the game to life. While I can still appreciate the original version and what it was, the new and updated version still stayed true to the game and made it better.

There are 12 trophies for this game and they range from just playing the game to getting some of the games collectibles. The trophies for collectibles are a bit of a pain to get, but it really doesn’t require that much work as you can go back and replay the levels in order to get whatever you’re missing. While it’s easy to get the 100% for this game, I would suggest playing through the game normally and then going back and getting whatever you’re missing.

Sorry multiplayer fans, but this game is a one person experience.

Overall I give this game a 4 out of 5

What’s Great:
+ A new version of an old favorite.
+ New and improved graphics as well as added in voice acting.
+ Who doesn’t like it when Mickey is the hero trying to save Minnie?

What’s Not So Great
Jumping sometimes becomes frustrating when the controls don’t function properly.

This is one of those great nostalgia games that reminds you of your carefree childhood days before all the adult stuff got in the way. If you played this game as a child I would say that it is worth it to pick this one up just to have a blast from your past, but if you have no idea what this game was or you never played the original I’m not sure if this is a game for you. Most of the reason why I liked it so much was because I had so much fun playing it when I was a kid if I didn’t play this game on my Sega I’m not sure I would have enjoyed playing it today.

After yet another break from the Back to the Future series, it’s back to it next week for Throwback Thursday with my review of Episode 3: Citizen Brown. At this point I really just wanted to be able to finish up this game completely so that I could start something else. I’ll let you know what I thought of the next Back to the Future episode next week.


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