Weekly Trophy Tip – Far Cry 4 – Changing Lanes

While none of the trophies in Far Cry 4 are terribly hard to get, this one might stand in the way of you getting the platinum for this game. While the trophy isn’t hard at all, it just requires you to have a competent partner and you both have to have the same objective. So, let’s get you this trophy.

Far Cry 4 – Changing Lanes
Perform a Vehicle Takedown from the passenger seat of a vehicle (Campaign Co-Op Only) – Silver
TIP: For this trophy I’m going to recommend completing the whole game and getting the rest of the trophies first. This is mostly because there is another trophy which requires you to fully power up and one of your power ups is the Vehicle Takedown, so once you have all the other trophies you’ll be good to go to get this one.

I will say this though, you will not find some random person to help you with this trophy and believe me I tried. You’re better off finding help from a fellow trophy hunter which is why if you don’t have someone to help you with this trophy I suggest setting up a gaming session on PSNProfiles.com. I seriously got this trophy the same day I set up the session, so you will find someone to help you out and it will probably be the same day you set up the session.

Once you have your gaming partner, let them drive around with you in the passenger seat of any car that allows two people. Instead of just driving around the same area’s over and over again, try to find a Pagan’s Wrath convoy on the map. Once you do set your waypoint to it and have your partner drive to the way point. On the drive to the convoy it is more then likely that you’ll run into some of Pagan’s men just driving around so you can either use them in order to get the trophy or wait until you reach the convoy.

When you have your target, make sure your partner is driving right on top of your target while you mash the R3 button. Vehicle Takedown is rather tricky and sometimes it just doesn’t pop up when it should which is why I suggest going for the button mashing. Once you perform the takedown, your trophy should pop.

Have anything additional to add to my tip? Let me know in the comments section below and I’ll add it in and give you credit. Need help with a specific trophy? I’m always looking for my next weeks tip so throw out some suggestions in the comments section. If I have the trophy I’ll post a tip on how to get it.


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