Top 10 PS3 Games

The last new release PS3 game that I bought was way back in October making me think that I’m basically done buying PS3 games that are new releases since they just aren’t making PS3 games anymore. While I do have a few games sitting on my shelf, I’m confident enough that I have my top 10 PS3 games ironed out that I could declare what my top 10 PS3 games of all time are, so here they are.

# 10 – Skyrim

What I love about Skyrim: This game was one of those games that was truly open world. There really isn’t a place that you can’t go and you don’t have to follow a particular path in order to play the game. Sure there are your main story progression missions, but there is no right or wrong time to play them. You could spend a whole day playing this game and not even touch any of the main story missions. This is basically a do whatever you want whenever you want type of game and I look back fondly on those Sunday afternoons that I spent building a house for my character and her family.

# 9 – The Last of Us

What I love about The Last of Us: To be honest, at first there wasn’t all that much that I loved or even enjoyed about this game. I didn’t like that I spent a few days playing it and it went absolutely no where or that it felt really early on after that initial scene that the game as a whole was just dragging, but then things within the game changed and the game as a whole changed. The relationship between Joel and Ellie became fully developed and the story was progressing that I just couldn’t put the game down. Throughout all of the destruction there was still beauty in the world and this game showed it amazingly. Then there was that ending. Oh that absolutely shocking ending that sealed the deal and made me see what this game really was about.

# 8 – Red Dead Redemption

What I love about Red Dead Redemption: Another open world game that basically let’s you go everywhere and do whatever the hell you want to do outside of the main story missions. You can choose how you play John Marston. Do you want to play him as the guy who longs for redemption knowing that his past is catching up with him or do you want to play him as the bad guy everyone will forever see him as? Of course you still got the same ending no matter what, but in its own way it made sense. I know this is one of the most hated video game endings, but I would have to disagree. I enjoyed the end of the game and thought that it was fitting for the game as a whole.

# 7 – BioShock: Infinite

What I loved about BioShock: Infinite: The game as a whole just blew me away, there were twists and turns combined with that what the hell ending. Not to mention that there was a whole city in the sky. THE SKY! The game played beautifully, had deep and meaningful moments, and was an amazing experience altogether that just can’t be missed.

# 6 – Uncharted 2

What I love about Uncharted 2: Action, Adventure, a Snarky Adventurer, and a couple of kick ass side kicks all make for one amazing game. I can’t even count the times that I’ve played Uncharted 2 since it’s been released, but it’s one of those games that I’ll always go back to. The game still amazes me to this day and is still one of my favorites. I think it just goes to show that sometimes the best game in the series is the second one.

# 5 – Assassin’s Creed II

What I love about Assassin’s Creed II: This just goes to prove my point that sometimes, just sometimes, the second game in a series is the best one. What’s not to love about Assassin’s Creed II? You get thrown into this journey of Ezio as he grows up from an immature young man to the man that he’s supposed to be all throughout the course of one game. Not to mention that this game has some of the most beautiful graphics that I had ever seen and to this day still amaze me. I don’t know how many times I went to the top of the tall buildings to sync the map even though I didn’t have to because there was nothing more beautiful then that 360 degree view of Italy.

# 4 – Journey

What I love about Journey: There had never been a game before this one that had made me feel so much and was the perfect metaphor for what life is. Everyone has those perfect moments, those horrible ones, the fun ones, and then it all ends. Do we go up into this beautiful place in the sky and then get reborn just to do it again, I don’t know but this game sure did make it look nice.

# 3 – Mass Effect II

What I love about Mass Effect II: I couldn’t have a list without this game. I played over nine times and I can see myself playing another nine times if I didn’t have to worry about such a huge backlog, but I can confidently say that this is the best and strongest part of Shepard’s journey. The game really shines here story wise and graphics wise and really has the best ending throughout the whole three games. A shining moment was making this iron clad team and then seeing them make it all through the Omega 4 Relay because of the hard work that I put into the game, it was just what a game ending should be unlike the downer of an ending that Mass Effect III came with. At the end of this game I felt a sense of accomplishment especially if I did it right while at the end of Mass Effect III I thought I should have gotten one of those T-shirts that said “I just saved the Galaxy and all I got was this lousy T-Shirt.” This game is a shining example of everything done right with a video game.

# 2 – The Walking Dead Season 1

What I love about The Walking Dead Season 1: I didn’t even like The Walking Dead before this game. I didn’t read the comic books and I didn’t watch the show but was given the first couple of episodes for free so figured why not. This game is simply amazing and very deserving of the Game of the Year award it won. I liked how not only Clem depended on Lee, but also Lee depended on Clem. At a time when everything was going to shit, they needed each other. While this game is mostly about survival, it’s also about those rare occurrences that happen during a time like that and the bonds that form between people who would have never met.

# 1 – Dragon Age: Origins

What I love about Dragon Age: Origins: So this game doesn’t have the best graphics. It doesn’t even have the best combat. What it does have though is one of the best stories I have ever seen. This is just one of those games that gets dropped on you at particular a time in your life and it just makes complete and total sense. There’s an underlying meaning and experience with the game that goes beyond becoming a Grey Warden and saving Thedas. I devoted hours and hours into playing this game and will still from time to time pick it up just to experience it all over again.

There you have it, my top 10 PS3 games of all time. Confident enough that you played enough PS3 games and can make a top 10 list of your own? Let me know in the comments section below.


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