Throwback Thursday Review – Back to the Future – Episode 5: OUTATIME

This is the very final episode of the Back to the Future series and I seriously could not have been happier. Playing this whole game was a huge struggle for me and I was finally finished with it making me feel a huge sense of accomplishment, so here’s what I thought about the final episode.

After the last episode, Edna is pretty pissed off. I mean, can you really blame her? Anyway, this new and heartbroken Edna decides that she is done with Hill Valley and decides to burn it down. This of course changes the timeline once again and at this point you really should have seen that coming. So it’s up to Marty and Doc to once again fix the timeline and return things back to normal and of course slightly altered.

I have to say that going into this episode knowing that this was the final episode made me a very happy gamer. For someone that really didn’t like the game at all, it was nice to be able to see the game through and of course see how it ends, which is with a cliffhanger. In this episode you finally get to go into the science fair! Finally after waiting a whole episode, Marty gets to explore the science fair that shows off some “futuristic” developments which are always fun since this is the future and nothing is really like that. I liked that in the ending of the game you also learn that the whole reason any of this happened was because Doc wanted to go back into the past and put together a little McFly family history book for Marty’s graduation. A really sweet gesture but when you think about it, really not worth the trouble.

Let’s remember that this is a Telltale game so if you’re expecting a smooth playthrough then you’ve never played a Telltale game before. Expect the usual loading issues, trophy pop issues, and some minor freezing. This is also a time when your decisions don’t really matter and in a way that changes the way you play to the point that you really don’t care because the game is going to turn out the same no matter what.

As with the other four episodes the graphics in this episode are the same and are one of the winning moments for this game as a series. I like that the game as a whole looks and feels like an actual addition to the Back to the Future franchise.

There are 12 trophies for this episode and if you want them all in one shot I suggest using a walkthrough. If you bought this game on disc you’ll be rewarded with a platinum trophy by the end, but if you bought the game from the PSN store in episodes you’ll get nothing.

As always, no multiplayer.

Overall I give this episode a 4 out of 5

What’s Great:
+ Nice way to end the series.
+ Probably the best episode in the entire series.
+ Nice graphics that are fitting to the franchise as a whole.

What’s Not So Great:
If you’re used to playing Telltale games expect the same problems that accompany all of their games.
Cliffhanger ending with no actual means to follow up.

So even though this game ended on a cliffhanger, it’s been years since it was released and I’m guessing that another Back to the Future series isn’t going to be released. Although I wouldn’t play another series if it was released, I’m sure there are people out there who would have liked to see the cliffhanger that was presented fleshed out into another Back to the Future series.

Now that I’m finally done with the Back to the Future series it’s time to move onto another game. Next week’s Throwback Thursday will be for a game that was featured on the PS+ lineup. Stick it to the Man is a quirky little game that wasn’t all that long, but was still fun to play and came with a fleshed out story that was funny and interesting.


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