Throwback Thursday Review – Stick it to the Man (PS4)

Not only did I want to play this game because I got it for free via PS+, have you signed up for PS+ yet? If not what are you waiting for? Anyway, another deciding factor on whether or not I was going to play this game was the title of the game. I just love the title. Even though this was a short game that only took me a few hours to play and complete it was a very much welcomed break from the Back to the Future series that I had been struggling with. Here’s what I thought about Stick it to the Man.

In this game you play as Ray Doewood. He’s just an average guy trying to make a living until he’s hit in the head by some government canister. He’s in some big trouble now as “The Man” is coming after him. Oh, not to mention he also has this weird spaghetti arm sticking out of his head now. While this new extra limb is very useful at times, especially if you want to swing from one platform to another, it’s also just plain weird. I mean it’s an extra arm…sticking out of his head. Think of how hard it’s going to be to wear hats? Did I also mention that he can read minds now too?

While this isn’t typically the type of game that I look to play, I couldn’t put this one down. The game is clever, funny, and just an all around good time. Throughout the game Ray gets himself into some pretty weird situations and it only makes the game more fun to play and get caught up in the story. For such a small game I didn’t think that it would have the fleshed out story that it did. It was the complete package which was refreshing. The only downside to this game was that there was zero replayability once it was completed. It’s one of those one and done games especially if you got all of the trophies.

I found the playability for this game to be super simple. Everything from the controls to solving the puzzles inside of the game were just easy to function and solve making this a smooth running game that was low on the frustration level scale. I also very much enjoyed that there were no bugs or glitches for this game which made playing just that much better and more enjoyable.

The graphics for this game were absolutely amazing and just stunning. The world created within the game really shined on the PS4 and the art style complimented the games story. Each scene and area in the game were well detailed and you could see that a lot of work went into each scene and each area of the game.

There are a total of 16 trophies for this game, 15 of them bronze and 1 gold, that are all extremely easy to get and really just require you to play the game to the fullest. There are story based trophies and then there are trophies for doing some extra things like reading minds. You don’t have to worry if you don’t get all the trophies the first time because you can always go back and get them after you finish. This is definitely one of those games where you want to play and worry about the trophies later.

No need for multiplayer as this is a single player experience.

Overall I give this game a 4.5 out of 5

What’s Great:
+ Great well thought out story that is the complete package.
+ Fitting graphics that shine on the PS4.
+ Simple playability making the game a smooth run.
+ Bug and glitch free.

What’s Not So Great:
This is one of those one and done games that really has no reason to go back after completing it.

Although I really liked this game and thought it was probably one of the best Indie type games that I’ve played in a while, I’m going to say that if you didn’t get this one for free with PS+, then I would wait for a sale. Since you can really only play this game once, the $19.99 price tag for the PS4 version is a little high. I’ve seen this game go on sale a couple of times and I’m sure it will again so when it does be sure to pick this one up because you don’t want to miss out on it.

Now for next week, one of my all time favorite classic board games that sadly isn’t really played all that much. Half luck and half strategy, I have a lot of fond memories playing Backgammon so when Backgammon Blitz became available for the PS3 I just had to get it and give it a try. Was it everything I was hoping it would be? I’ll let you know next week.


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