Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC Review – The Descent (PS4)

I’m one of those people that will always be craving more Dragon Age. I don’t care if it’s in the form of new games, books, DLC, graphic novels, or whatever else the Dragon Age team can offer me. I just can’t get enough. As usual, I was super excited when this newest DLC was announced because the trailer looked awesome and I just loved the main game and am always look for a reason to get back into it. After spending some time with the DLC, here’s what I thought about it.

One of the main things I liked about this DLC was the story. The Deep Roads wasn’t really an area that was explored all that much in the main game, but this DLC gives you a reason to go into the Deep Roads and explore some areas that haven’t been touched before. As Inquisitor you’ll have to investigate a series of earthquakes that will basically destroy the Deep Roads and stop all Lyrium trade if nothing is done about them. On your trip you’ll be introduced to two new dwarves, one a shaper and the other a member of the Legion of the Dead, you’ll learn some history on the Deep Roads, take on some darkspawn, and uncover a Titan.

Boo! Although I don’t like to get into spoilers in my reviews, I will say that the ending to this DLC was highly disappointing and it seemed like a copy and paste ending from the Dragon Age II DLC Legacy. Right before the final battle, almost the exact same events take place and by the end a certain character is left changed. If this is their way of setting up the next bad guy for the next Dragon Age game, I’m not impressed.

Although this DLC is challenging and requires your level to basically be maxed out at 27, it isn’t going to take all that long to complete. I did a complete run through of the DLC in about 5 hours. This was a little disappointing since I was hoping for something a little longer. The waves and waves of darkspawn that are thrown at you in the beginning of the game soon become annoying and it basically sets up what’s coming up for the game battle wise. This is really an enemy wave based DLC which is similar to the multiplayer and not something I wanted to see in the main campaign. Not only did wave after wave of enemy become tedious after a while, but it also just became plain boring. By the end of the DLC I was relieved that it was over and just wanted to move on.

The playability for the DLC was pretty much the same as the rest of the game, but I did have a hell of a lot of lag problems. The wave after wave of enemy battles lagged horribly and even walking around and exploring the Deep Roads at times had a lot of lag. I think it’s safe to say that the amount of lag caused the game to crash, but the only saving grace was that my save didn’t become corrupted. If it did, I wasn’t sure I could stomach going through the DLC again.

The graphics for this DLC pretty much matched up with the rest of the game and were pretty impressive most of the time. It was nice to see what Dragon Age could do with the Deep Roads especially coming from what the Deep Roads looked like in Dragon Age: Origins. I will say that at times though, things were way too dark and the beauty of the area didn’t stand out and it really seemed like a waste. I did enjoy the final area of the Deep Roads graphically and thought that it was one of the best looking areas in the DLC.

There are 4 new trophies for this DLC and in order to get them all you have to do is complete the DLC. There’s nothing special for you to do and you don’t even have to do the side missions if you don’t want to. Just play the DLC and you’ll finish off your trophy list again.

There’s no new multiplayer content that comes along with this DLC although the latest update does have some new multiplayer stuff that adds in a new character.

Overall I give this DLC a 2.5 out of 5

What’s Great:
+ The Deep Roads is one of my favorite areas in Dragon Age and it was nice to be able to explore a new area of the Deep Roads with my Inquisitor.
+ The story is interesting and gives you insight Titan’s, which are completely new in the Dragon Age universe.

What’s Not So Great:
Very short at a very high $14.99 price tag.
While some areas of the DLC shine graphic wise, others are dark and take away from the overall beauty of the game and the gameplay.
Unoriginal and uneventful ending that is similar to Dragon Age II’s Legacy.
Multiplayer type battles that include wave after wave of enemies that soon becomes tedious and boring.
Serious lag problems and you should save often in case of game crashes.

This DLC is very much what the Omega DLC was to Mass Effect 3. It’s basically filler that doesn’t even deserve a $14.99 price tag. While I do appreciate the new story that goes along with the DLC as well as the new lore that every Dragon Age fan should just eat up, I felt that it’s just not up to par with the whole Dragon Age universe. For the amount of time it took for this DLC to come out, it felt like it should have been something bigger and it should have had a more original ending. If you’re a huge Dragon Age fan like I am, then you know you’re going to buy it no matter what so expect to be disappointed. If you’re just looking to add onto your Dragon Age: Inquisition experience, I would say hold off for a sale in order to pick this one up.


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