Throwback Thursday Review – Rain

While I didn’t get this game free via PS+, those of you who did are pretty lucky, I did pick this one up at a discounted price. I heard really good things about this little game and was more then happy when it finally came on sale for a good price that I couldn’t turn down. After spending a few days playing, here’s what I thought about the game.

Taking place in Paris, you take on the roll of a curious young boy who goes chasing after girl who seems to be in trouble one night. There is a catch though, the girl is invisible and can only be seen when standing in the rain and once you step outside, you also become invisible. You’ll also be chased after the same monsters that are chasing after the girl once you’re outside as well. Throughout the game you’ll soon come to discover that both you and the girl aren’t really outside in the rain. You’re both tucked in your beds unable to be woken up. Being chased by the Unknown, it’s up to you to save yourself and of course the girl.

Kudos: I really liked how this game had a much deeper meaning to it making it on the same level as Journey. It’s rare that games can introduce a plot and then it’s discovered that there’s more to the plot then originally intended. When it’s done correctly, a huge kudos is in order because that is no easy feat.

Although I really enjoyed playing this game and liked that it had a much deeper meaning then I had originally thought, I did think that the game stretched out a little too long. This was one of those games that felt like it should have been over about half way though the game but was stretched out in order to be longer and it ruined the game for me just a little bit. One of my gaming pet peeves is a game overstaying it’s welcome and trying to get my to play even more even though the game felt like it should have ended half way through the game.

The gameplay is super simple for this game and puzzle like. Each puzzle is easy to solve and really just depends on whether or not you’re seen by the monsters chasing you. Stand under an awning where this is no rain and you’ll become invisible to everything surrounding you. Step out into the rain and you’re visible and vulnerable again. Each level is easy to solve and just takes some planning and patience as you learn how to move effectively throughout the level.

I really enjoyed the graphics for this game. I thought that they were pretty stunning for the PS3 and for a game of this size. Paris really comes to life in this game and although the game takes place in well, the rain, it’s not really an issue. You would think that seeing the two main characters would be hard considering that they are invisible, but the way it’s done makes it look like they are a part of the rain with a silhouette marking their existence.

There are 12 very simple trophies to get for this game. While a few of the trophies have to do with collectibles this game makes it easy with chapter select so that you can enjoy the game and progress through it naturally and then go back to get the trophies and complete the game.

Yay for no multiplayer because not every game needs it.

Overall I give this game a 4.5 out of 5

What’s Great:
+ Simple story with an overall greater meaning then oringally thought.
+ Simple gameplay with easy puzzles that let you focus on the story.
+ Stunning graphics on the PS3.

What’s Not So Great:
Story was dragged out just a little bit too long.

Overall I really enjoyed this game and I just really wish it was a little shorter and didn’t drag on as long as it did. This is a pretty solid game that had a well thought out story with a deeper meaning thrown in there for fun and some deep thinking. The graphics were one of the highlights of the game and they really shine on the PS3. If you didn’t get this game for free, I would suggest waiting until it goes on sale. The $14.99 price tag is a little hefty for a small game that if you’re diligent shouldn’t take you longer then a day to play.

The countdown to my final edition of Throwback Thursday continues next week with a really serine game that I really enjoyed and not only super relaxing but also found super frustrating at the same time. If you’ve played Flower then you know what I’m talking about and I’ll tell you what I thought about the game as a whole next week!


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