Throwback Thursday Review – Flower (PS3)

After playing Journey I was eager to play another game from Thatgamecompany and decided that Flower was it. Sometimes you just need a little break from all of the shooting and looting action-adventure games and Flower seemed like the perfect game for that. After playing through a couple of times and finally getting the 100% on the trophy list, here’s what I thought about the game.

What do flowers dream about when they sit in their little flower pots growing by an open window? Do they dream of pleasant things or do they have nightmares just like the rest of us? In Flower you get to see what six different flowers are dreaming of as they all grow in their little flower pots, and dream of different things. Some of them are pleasant and some not so much making this game one the most emotional games that I’ve played since Journey. In each dream you take on the role of the wind as you guide at first a single flower petal through the level collecting other flower petals along the way making this massive ball of petals once you reach the end.

I absolutely loved this game. I don’t know how Thatgamecompany does it, but you can seriously take this game as a metaphor for life. There are ups and downs and sometimes things are great and sometimes they aren’t. In the end though things usually work out the way they should have. For such a small game there’s so much meaning to it and so much beauty that it makes the game as a whole emotional without the need for dialog. This game is truly a beautiful experience and it’s all told in the point of view of a simple flower.

Playing as the wind, the movements are all about pitch. You’ll tilt your controller in order to blow the wind and you’ll hit any button in order to make the wind blower harder and have the petal move faster. I will say that the movements are a little awkward at first and take a little getting used to. At times this gets a little frustrating and takes away from the game as a whole just a little. Once you have the movements down though you shouldn’t have a problem playing.

The graphics for this game are one of the major highlights of the show and are simply stunning. Each of the six different environments shine and bring the game as a whole to life. The graphics are one of the things that makes Flower so beautiful and will really catch your attention with their beauty and simplicity.

Even though there are trophies for this game, they shouldn’t be your main focus when playing. If you’re playing this game because you think that the 14 trophies will be a breeze to get, then you are sadly mistaken and you’re missing out on a really awesome story. Yes, there are some trophies that are easy, but then there are certain trophies that will have you pulling your hair out. I would say play the game naturally a couple of times before going back and trying to get all of the trophies.

No multiplayer for this game as it is a single player experience.

Overall I give this game a 4 out of 5

What’s Great:
+ Another amazing story that can be a metaphor for not only life, but a bunch of other things.
+ Stunning graphics that enhance game play.
+ Highly emotional and will leave you feeling things.

What’s Not So Great:
Controls take a little while to learn and can be frustrating at times.

Do not miss out on the opportunity to play this game. If you enjoyed Journey then you’ll definitely love this game as it takes you on another emotional roller coaster. I would seriously add this game to my list of games that every gamer should at least experience once. Even though I picked this game up on sale, I would say that the $6.99 price tag that comes along with it isn’t a bad one especially if you’re a trophy hunter because you’ll be going back to get all of the trophies. Even if you aren’t a trophy hunter you’ll want to play this game more then once.

So what’s in store for next week? Next week’s Throwback Thursday will be the review of Plants Vs. Zombies on the PS3. I started this game way before I played the Vita version, but I never finished it. After getting the platinum for the Vita version I knew I just had to go back and finish this game to get the 100%. I’ll let you know what I thought about it next week.


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