Throwback Thursday Review – Plants Vs. Zombies (PS3)

This is one of those games that I originally played on the PC and then one day just discovered that there was a Playstation version and had one of those mind blowing moments. Needless to say, I was eager to play this game on my PS3 and even though it took a little while to get the 100%, here’s what I thought about it.

There’s a zombie on your lawn, we don’t want zombies on the lawn. If you’ve played Plants Vs. Zombies you know this little line is from the Plants Vs. Zombies song at the end of the game and if this song is now stuck in your head, I’ve succeeded for the day. Anyway, that’s the main point and the story of the game. There’s an outbreak of zombies and it’s up to you to plant a variety of different plants to stop the zombies from breaking into your house and eating your brains. Simple right? Maybe…maybe not.

I’ve always been a fan of time management / strategy games, and this one is no different. The combinations of different plants mixed with the combination of different zombies that are thrown at you each wave is different making the game never boring. Each level you have to defeat wave after wave of zombies by planting your lawn, pool, and even roof, full of different plants that each have different strengths and weaknesses. Of course as a seasoned PvZ player, I have my own set of strategies for each level that never really changes and never becomes boring either because sometimes it works, sometimes it barely works, and then sometimes it completely fails. That’s the beauty of this game. It rarely becomes boring no matter how many times you play. Not only is there adventure mode that will take you through all the levels of the main game, but there are also mini games and a survival mode. Also, there’s a zen garden for those of you who like to garden but don’t really have a green thumb. At least these plants will never die.

Playing on the PS3 is a completely different experience then playing on the PC or the PS Vita where you can basically point and click on the PC and use the touch screen on the PS Vita. Here you have to use the controller, of course, and at times things get a little awkward especially in the more advanced levels. Even though movements and just basic controls are awkward, it’s nothing that can’t be handled and everything else basically runs smoothly. I did run into a lot of lag though during my survival 40+ waves run. After wave 30 there is just way to many zombies and everything lags to a point where the game almost comes to a standstill. This basically just sucks especially if you’re going for the trophy associated with survival, but this is the only time the game does this and other then that I didn’t experience any bugs or glitches.

The graphics, although simple in nature, look great on the PS3 and do justice to the PC version. Each level is full of detail as well as the detail on the actual plants and zombies themselves. All of this combines for a pleasant visual experience on the PS3 and on a bigger screen.

No platinum trophy for this version, but there are trophies. Complete this game and do everything it has to offer and you’ll add another 12 trophies to your profile. While most of these are easy and require you to just play the game to the fullest, the most difficult trophy to get is the Alive and Planting trophy. To get this trophy you’ll have to complete at least 40 waves of zombie attacks in survival mode. In order to get all the trophies as well you’ll also need a second controller and a co-op partner.

While there is no multiplayer for this game, there is a co-op mini game mode that if you’re a trophy hunter you’ll have to play. Good news is you could just hook up the second controller to where you don’t have to actually play with someone else although playing with someone else is pretty fun. There are two co-op modes and they are Wall-Nut bowling and Vs. mode. Each of them are equally fun to play where Wall-Nut bowling is you and a friend bowling for zombies on the same team and the Vs. mode is where you and a friend will compete against each other where one of you will play the zombies and one will play the plants.

Overall I give this game a 4 out of 5

What’s Great:
+ It’s Plants Vs. Zombies on the PS3
+ Different combination of plants and different combination of zombies for each level means it never really gets boring.
+ Adding to the adventure mode are mini games and co-op games along with a zen garden.

What’s Not So Great
During the Survival mode the game lags a lot and almost stalls because there is too much going on at once.
As with any point and click type game, the controller makes things a little awkward at times as you try to move around the board.

Even though I really enjoyed this game on the PS3, I have to say that I enjoyed it just a little bit more on the PS Vita. It had a lot to do with the mobility of the PS Vita and the touch screen. Although the PS Vita’s touch screen was a little inaccurate ad tricky at times, I still liked it better then the PS3 controls. If you had to make a choice on which version to play, I would say play both. At least on the PS Vita you get a platinum trophy and it’s worth it to play on the PS3 as well for a different experience.

If I’m being completely honest, then I have to tell you that the last couple of Throwback Thursday Reviews took place because of my highly competitive nature and so will this next one. Flower, Plants Vs. Zombies, and Bejeweled 3 were sitting on my trophy list for a while and when I seen that someone else on my friends list was playing them and I had to finish it before they did just to prove a point which only went to prove my point that friendly competition is never friendly in the end. Anyway, next week I’ll let you know what I thought about Bejeweled 3.


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