The Sims 3 Review (PS3)

Like many, I fell in love with The Sims when it was first released on the PC all the way back in the year 2000. Fifteen years ago I started playing this game along with all of the expansions and I can’t tell you how many total overall hours I have poured into this game. With the PS3 release of The Sims 3, I was totally excited about playing this game on my PS3 and even though it took me almost two years to get the platinum for this game, here’s what I thought about it.

Because this is The Sims, the story you create for each and every one of your Sims is your own. This game has an endless possibility of stories that you can tell through each and every one of your Sims and it really just requires you to be super creative. You control each and every one of the Sims living in your household and you can basically do with them whatever you want. You create the story and watch it play out.

Even when I was grinding out wishes for my Sims, I never got bored playing this game. Hour after hour passed by while I was playing and when I needed to stop, I was actually annoyed because I could have played even longer. During my playtime I created five different families that were completely different from each other. They had different goals, they had different styles, and they had different traits. One thing that I really liked about this game was that you could map out your Sims personality traits. Want to make an evil Sim and a good Sim and watch them clash? Go ahead. Want to create a Sim who is hopelessly romantic and family orientated? Go ahead. There are so many possibilities that I could have seen myself creating another five families if I had the time. There are so many things to do, so many goals to accomplish, and so many wishes to grant for your Sims that it’s hard to turn on this game and find nothing to do.

I was a little weary on the playability for The Sims 3 on the PS3 because I was used to the point and click actions on PC. The PC controls were comfortable to me, but I found that after some practice that the PS3 controls became just as easy to use. While the PC controls will always be easier and more convenient, the PS3 controls functioned like they should and got the job done. The only problem I had with this game was the insane amount of time everything took to load. Want to start the game? It’s loading. Want to access your family from the last save? It’s loading. Want to go to a different part of town? You guessed it, loading. If you aren’t staying in your Sim’s household or close neighborhood, the game is constantly loading. Once you get past the loading, the game functions great. During my playthroughs I didn’t experience any bugs or glitches which is always a good thing.

Now onto the graphics. This game came out in 2010 and for a Sims game, the graphics still hold up today. Each Sims was detailed as well as the houses that they lived in and the objects around the house. Were these graphics the best graphics I’ve ever seen, no, but you have to remember that this is a Sims game so I would say that from the original on the PC to now, the graphics are evolving nicely.

One of the benefits of playing this game on the PS3 are the trophies! Complete this game fully and you’ll get 51 trophies to add to your list, not to mention that the platinum is cited as Ultra Rare. What’s better than that? I mean it’s The Sims with trophies. Trophies that you’ll get most of the time for doing things you would have done anyway in your playthrough. While there are some trophies that require a grind, they aren’t impossible to get but do require a lot of work and time to go into them. If you’re going for the platinum be ready to go in for the long haul.

While there is no multiplayer for this game, there is a Sims Exchange in which you can download and upload anything from families all the way to styles. I didn’t try out this aspect of the game since I really had no interest in it so I couldn’t tell you it if was working properly or not. Also, it’s not an important part of the game and you don’t even have to use it. I will say that if you pick this game up used and want to use the Exchange you’ll need an unused access code or you’ll have to pay for one.

Overall I give this game a 4 out of 5

What’s Great:
+ It’s The Sims that you know and love on the PS3
+ Challenges and Wishes bring new objectives into the game making you always have something to do.
+ Graphics that have evolved nicely from previous Sim games.

What’s Not So Great:
LOADING. This game is always loading and you will spend way too much time loading.

I thoroughly enjoyed this game and would recommend it to any Sims fan out there. I will warn you though that the game does load a lot. Believe me, you will spend anywhere from 10 + minutes loading each time you play. I will also say that if you’re in this for a quick and easy platinum it’s not going to happen. In order to get this platinum you do have to spend a lot of time playing, but if you’re enjoying it then it shouldn’t matter. If you don’t mind not being able to use The Sims Exchange, then I would say pick up this game used because you can find it for a pretty decent price.


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