Throwback Thursday Review – Tales of Monkey Island: Episode 2 – The Siege of Spinner Cay

After sensing another Back to the Future type of game coming my way from the first episode, I decided to just push myself through and play each of these episodes back to back. While I did enjoy this game a little bit more then Back to the Future, I’m still not a big fan of these earlier Telltale games which is why Jurassic Park is sitting on my PS3 just waiting to be played. Here’s what I thought about episode 2.

In episode 2, we continue right where we left off with Guybrush. After discovering what was causing ships not to be able to leave Flotsam Island and reversing it, Guybrush is on his way to the Jerkbait islands to find La Esponja Grande. Since this is Tales of Monkey Island, you could just imagine the fun that Guybrush gets himself into this episode. He’ll become involved in a dispute among some pox infected pirates and the residents of a new area to explore as well as have his pox infected hand cut off by the one and only Morgan LeFlay.

While I think the story as a whole that plays out through all five episodes is interesting, playing the game at times is tedious which in turn makes the game a little less enjoyable. I’m a fan of the whole point and click adventure games to a certain point and I think that this one just goes a little too far. Any game that becomes tedious to play and then continues on that path will always be less enjoyable for me.

Like the previous episode, the movements of this game are stiff and awkward and those are paired together with the fact that there are atrocious loading times as well as other various problems with lag. These have to be the number one complaints that I have with all Telltale games and I really can’t be the only one. As I said with Back to the Future, you would think that these things are fixed in the later games but sadly they are not.

I continued to enjoy the graphics for this game as with this episode you got to explore a whole other area that was different from Flotsam Island. I once again thought that the graphics were fitting to the series as a whole and were one of the winning points.

If you play correctly the first time or have multiple playthroughs you’ll get another 11 trophies to add to your gamer card. While you might get some of these trophies on your own the first time you play, unless you use a walkthrough there is no way you’ll get all of them yourself. If you don’t want to go back and make multiple playthroughs it’s best to use a walkthrough.

At this point you should already know that there isn’t any multiplayer.

Overall I give this episode a 3 out of 5

What’s Great:
+ Interesting story progression and the introduction of new characters.
+ Fitting graphics that enhance the game.

What’s Not So Great:
Another tedious point and click adventure that soon becomes boring and tiresome.
Awkward and stiff movements, long loading times, and lag.

The ending to this episode made me eager to play the next one because I just had to see what happened. This was one of the shorter episodes of the series as a whole and I’m going to say that if you like Tales of Monkey Island this game is for you, but if not I would give it a pass or at least wait until the discount to purchase is really high.

Next week I’ll be reviewing episode 3 for the Tales of Monkey Island series, Lair of the Leviathan. I would say that this was probably my favorite episode out of the 5 in this series. I’ll also be trying to come up with something to replace Throwback Thursday after this series is over. I have a couple of ideas swimming around in my head that I’ll probably expand on next week.


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