Weekly Trophy Tip – Fallout 3 – The Bigger They Are…

This is one of those trophies that I like to think of as filler. Does the game need to have the trophy? No. It really doesn’t play an integral part of the story in any way and if you don’t know where to go you’ll be searching for hours since the full aspects of the trophy aren’t linked to any mission. Anyway, it’s not a hard trophy to get and should be one of the ones that you get in your first playthrough so let’s get you this trophy.

Fallout 3 – The Bigger They Are…
Kill all the Super Mutant Behemoths – Gold
TIP: There are a total of five Behemoths in the whole game and you’ll come across the first one through a main mission. You’ll kill your first Behemoth during the Following in His Footsteps mission, so that’s one less Behemoth to worry about, but before going out and looking for these other four I’m going to suggest that you at least complete all of the missions up to Take it Back. Do not complete Take it Back unless you have the Broken Steel DLC because once you do it’s game over without the DLC. Once you get up to the Take it Back mission, you should have the Brotherhood of Steel power armor along with a nice arsenal of weapons and be leveled up enough to go and hunt down these Behemoths. I’m going to also suggest that you let Fawkes tag along with you since he carries a mini gun and is pretty badass as well as extremely helpful in taking down the Behemoths quickly and efficiently. You’ll find the remaining four Behemoths at the following locations:

Capital Building

This one you might actually run into while completing another story mission or side quest. There’s kind of a war going on in this area between the Talon Company and Super Mutants both inside and outside of the building so caution is needed. Inside of the Capital Building there is a Rotunda on the east side where the Behemoth is being kept. The Talon Company and Super Mutants are both swarming this area so let them kill each other off as much as possible. If worst comes to worst, you can always take shots at the Behemoth from outside of the Rotunda since he’s too big to get through any of the doors. How the hell did he get in there then?

Evergreen Mills

When you get to Evergreen Mills the area will be swarming with Raiders. Kill all of them off before going to take on the Behemoth who is trapped inside of a cage. Either open the cage to kill him or shoot him through the cage, the choice is yours.

Takoma Industrial

While in this area you’ll come across an auto shop and to the left of the auto shop you’ll find a truck. Past this truck is where you’ll find your next Behemoth. This area is also filled with Raiders so make sure to take them out before going after the Behemoth. This is one of the Behemoths that are out in the open and will fully attack you if you get to close. Using a missile launcher, mini nuke, mini gun, or frag grenades is suggested for taking this one down.

Jury Street Metro

This one is close to Evergreen Mills and if you make your way through the train yard near by you’ll come across a train car that has been over turned. Inside of the over turned train car is a teddy bear in a cage. Open the cage and grab the teddy bear. At this point you have to know that the teddy bear belongs to a now very angry Behemoth who will come charging down the hill to kill you for taking his bear. Make sure you kill him first! As with the previous Behemoth I would suggest using a missile launcher, mini nuke, mini gun, or frag grenades to take him down quickly.
Mini Tip: Save your game before taking the teddy bear out of the cage since this Behemoth is glitchy and sometimes will not appear when it should. I didn’t have a problem with it but there have been reports of the Behemoth not showing up and making the whole trophy glitch. If the Behemoth doesn’t show up after one minute of having the Teddy Bear in your possession, restart your game and reload from your latest save.

Once you take down all five Behemoths, you’ll have a shiny new Gold trophy that has a pretty badass image to go with it.

Have anything additional to add to my tip? Let me know in the comments section below and I’ll add it in and give you credit. Need help with a specific trophy? I’m always looking for my next weeks tip so throw out some suggestions in the comments section. If I have the trophy I’ll post a tip on how to get it.


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