Kung Fu Rabbit Review (PS3)

One of the free games for PS+ in October, I decided to give this game a try on a whim. I was looking for something new to play but I didn’t want to spend that much time playing it and from what I seen of the game it looked like it might be fun. Spending a little time playing turned into spending my whole day playing, so is it worth the download if you’re a PS+ subscriber? Keep reading to find out.

While there isn’t much of a story for this game, at least there’s something. The small story that goes along with this game is told out through little comic book strips at the beginning of each level. You’ll play as a Rabbit who practices Kung Fu and it’s up to you to save all the little baby rabbits who were abducted by invaders from another world. You’ll play through over 100 levels to save them all as well as some additional bonus levels that will keep you busy for quite a bit of time.

Like I do most of the time, I started this game as a warm up. I figured I would start my day playing this game for 30 minutes or so and then move on to playing Broken Age, which I’ve been really wanting to play especially since it was free, but man was I wrong. I ended up spending my entire day playing this game along with a few hours into the next day in order to finish it up. I didn’t expect to become so addicted to this game that I completely forgot about playing any other game and concentrated on this one. Each level is like a puzzle and needs to be solved by moving in a certain way. While each level can take anywhere from 1-3 minutes you’ll end up dying a lot and having to restart from the beginning. Throughout the game you’ll be able to buy power-ups to help along the way, but in the end it’s basically up to your own skill of following patterns and how you move throughout the level.

BOO: While I didn’t mind the dying, usually it was my own fault for moving too fast or not following the pattern of enemy movement, I did have a problem with the repetitive noises and music that are present throughout the course of the game. For some reason I just found it incredibly annoying and spent one half of the game playing with the volume on and the other half playing with the volume turned half down and listening to some music.

The playability of this game was smooth and flawless. Buttons functioned when they should and they functioned correctly. There were no bugs or glitches throughout my entire playthrough and I found the game really easy to play. This is some of the reason why I continued to play throughout the day. It was just easy. There was nothing complicated about playing and everything functioned how it should. If I pressed the jump button then my little Kung Fu Rabbit jumped.

Another thing I really enjoyed about this game was the graphics. I thought the graphics depicted a nice background setting for each level and added a nice level of detail to the game. I did have a problem in some levels where the background and foreground graphics collided causing me to not see the whole scope of the map which in turn caused me to die several times.

What’s a game without trophies right? Well this game has 17 of them and they are super easy to get. All you really have to do is play the game along with activating a couple of power ups along the way. You’ll get almost all of the trophies without even thinking about it making this a one and done game because once you finish there really isn’t a reason for you to go back and play again.

No multiplayer for this game, just the way I like it.

Overall I give this game a 4 out of 5

What’s Great:
+ Small little story to go along with the game.
+ Super addicting, you’ll end up playing for hours.
+ Flawless playability, everything functions like it should and there are no bugs or glitches.
+ Nice graphics that are full of detail and enhance the game.

What’s Not So Great:
Although the graphics are nice, they sometimes get in the way of the main board making it hard to see the dangers that await.
Repetitive music that gets really old and annoying really fast.

If you have a PS+ membership, then there’s no reason not to go ahead and download this game for your PS3. It’s a really neat little game that you can play in a day if you’re diligent and not only does it run smoothly throughout the course of the game but it also comes with no bugs or glitches. If you don’t have a PS+ membership, then I would say that $4.99 isn’t a bad price for this game and it’s definitely worth the buy.



  1. Rushing through the levels got me killed a lot too. It’s a bad habit I have from my days playing Sonic. PS Plus gave away some fun games this month. I liked Kung Fu Rabbit and still have to play Broken Age.

    • I’m guilty of picking up that bad habit from Sonic as well. This was one of the better PS plus months, Broken Age was another good game and so was Chariot.

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