Tales from the Borderlands – Episode 5: The Vault of the Traveler Review (PS4)

Almost a whole year later and the last episode of Tales from the Borderlands has finally been released. If you were like me and first started playing last November, it’s been a very long wait to see each of these episodes released and to be able to finally complete the game. So was the last episode worth the extremely long wait? Keep reading to find out.

Picking up right where episode 4 left off, if you can actually remember where it left off, our heroes (?), can we really call a thief and a corporate man heroes, are still stuck on the Hyperion base and trying to escape. Rhys is trying to not be taken over by Handsome Jack and Fiona is trying to escape the base. It’s too bad that the only real way to get rid of Handsome Jack for good this time is to take away the power of the whole Hyperion base meaning it’s going to go crashing into Pandora. Daring escapes, a crash landing, and the reveal of the vault all happen pretty quickly. While this seems like it’s the end it’s not because any true Borderlands player knows that in order to take down the vault and whatever comes out of it you need a pretty badass team and you need to be prepared. Clearly Vallory isn’t and neither is poor Gordy’s. Cut to the vault being closed and then seeing Rhys and Fiona back with their captor which turns out to be way into the future. This can’t be the end though right? There has to be more then this uneventful closing of the vault. We didn’t even get any loot! The captor who’s been leading Rhys and Fiona around agrees. Not only do we see who the captor finally is, I was totally surprised and did not see that one coming but I thought it was the highlight of the series as a whole, we learn the fate of Rhy’s not so faithful companion along with the fate of some memorable characters from the series before finally taking on The Vault of the Traveler once more in what was a pretty epic battle done in a not so conventional way.

Kudos: If you’ve followed along for the past 11 months and have been reading each of my reviews, then you know that I am a huge Athena and Janey shipper. It was extremely nice to see their story continue as well in the final episode. Hearing about their upcoming nuptials along with the debate of the overly expensive napkin holders was a welcomed surprised. It was nice knowing that playing my cards right as Fiona brought these two characters closer together and cemented their relationship.

I’m going to be completely honest, as I always have, I absolutely loved this episode. I loved it. It made me laugh, it made me cry, and it made me feel so much more. There wasn’t a point in the episode where it dragged or made me want it to be over, the whole episode ran fluidly and left you wanting for more. I did really know what to expect when it came to the final boss battle since everyone knows that Telltale does not make FPS games. I thought they handed the final boss battle excellently and made it their own. Paired with an episode filled with epic scenes and memorable stories, the final boss battle was also another highlight of the episode as a whole. There was a little bit of everything wrapped into this episode for everyone. There were twists and turns, happy endings, and a final chat between Rhys and Fiona that kinda summed up the game and also left you wanting for more with an ambiguous ending.

I really hate talking about the playability of these games because while I can highlight the good points in the story and everything else, it always feels like such a downer when it comes to the playability. There were some minor loading problems, but nothing like some previous episodes. Everything ran pretty smoothly but I did have a problem with the credits for some reason. About halfway through the credits the audio completely died and then I wasn’t able to view my choices from the episode. When I tried to go into extras and see my choices, it was like I didn’t even play the final episode. I was able to go back the next day and see all those stats, but I thought it was a little weird and unexpected that I wasn’t able to see it after playing the episode.

The graphics were on par with the rest of the series and was fitting for the whole Borderlands universe. A major highlight of this game was that the graphics made it feel like a Borderlands game. While most of the time the game felt foreign with it’s complex story line and lack of shooting and looting, the graphics were one of the things that pulled it together and made it fit in.

Finish this episode and you’ll finally get that platinum that you’ve been waiting for. There are a total of 7 trophies for playing this episode and once that final trophy unlocks so will your platinum. Give yourself a pat on the back for adding that platinum to your gamer card. As always the trophies were extremely easy to get and just required you to play the whole episode.

While there’s no multiplayer, you do get to play as multiple characters throughout the final episode. Even though it’s not really multiplayer, it kinda is.

Overall I give this episode a 5 out of 5

What’s Great:
+ Strong ending to an overall amazing series.
+ Interesting final story that has just about everything.
+ Surprising reveals and everyone’s story basically comes full circle.
+ Graphics that continued to shine making this feel like an actual Borderlands game.

What’s Not So Great:
Minor playability issues with loading and the credits losing audio.

While the wait for this game has been aggravating and has kind of made me want to wait for episode based games to be fully released before purchasing them, I thought the wait was well worth it. The story was more then satisfying, you were introduced to some new characters, you were also reunited with some old characters, and overall the game had the same Borderlands charm that you know and love. The end of the episode leaves this open for either Borderlands 3 or a season 2 of this game. If you’ve waited all this time to purchase the game so you could play it whole, then what are you waiting for? Go get it now and binge play. If you’re a fan of Borderlands then I’m pretty confident that you’ll enjoy the pace and story of this game and even if you aren’t a Borderlands fan I would say to give it a try. This might be the game that gets you into the whole Borderlands universe, plus the first episode is free. This game definitely gets my do not pass up stamp.

SPOILERS! Below are the choices that I made for the fifth episode.

Tales from the BorderlandsTales from the Borderlands



  1. Ouch. Waiting a full year for the complete story is not nice. Telltale should try to bring out episodes every month instead of starting new games all the time.

    • I agree with you 100%. This wasn’t the only game that they did it to either, Game of Thrones has taken forever to come out with the last episode coming out the middle of next month. Hopefully this time around I learned my lesson though and won’t be tempted to buy another one of their games until the full game is released.

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